Wednesday, 14 January 2009

A spineless party...

As some of you may know three years ago Boris Johnson stood for Rector of Edinburgh University. All was looking good until Labour Students and the People and Planet trots who controlled the student council broke with the 200 years tradition and charity laws by using student union funds to campaign against Boris to the tune of thousands of pounds for the "Don't wake up with a dumb blonde campaign." These funds were justified apparently because of Boris's pro top up fees stance. Fast forward to this years campaign and last night's student council meeting where the idea of funding a campaign was rejected. Details can be found

but what really tickled TB was who was leading the charge against using union funds? Labour Students of course!

Their candidate this year is Lord George Foulkes famous for being in various parliaments for twenty five years yet seemingly unable to hold down a front bench job despite having one of the most loyal party voting records ever. Punching people didn't do John Prescott any harm but seems Foulkes was forced to fall on his sword after his little
. He has voted in favour of top up fees on more than one occasion and yet despite their seemingly unwavering devotion to NUS and apparent anti top up fees stance Labour Students have decided to throw the full weight of their once very effective election machine behind Foulkes. They used the student council for financial gain against Boris and they used it last night to make sure the same treatment wasn't given to them. The levels of their opportunism is staggering and they have as much spine as the government they represent.

Now don't get TB wrong, he doesn't think that student unions should be spending students money on such matters but he chose to abstain last night because as much as he would have liked to see LS left with mud on their faces when the union conducted an anti-Foulkes campaign, he is not a hypocrite and has been one of the most vocal opponents to such action being taken. Labour Students are not the force they once were on campus and after 12 years of this rotten government the brand is very tainted. TB gets on personally rather well with some members, especially some of the more right-wing ones, but it's times like these where their true political colours come through and their unwavering tribal devotion that really irritates him. Even in the face of moral dilemmas and looking like hypocrites they will still always go with the option that apparently best helps their party.

They are the perfect microcosm of the higher echelons of the Labour Party and seemingly have no shame...


Anonymous said...

"personally very close"

is that what you call it tb?

oh sorry we forgot.

you just slept on her sofa.

yeah we buy that one.

Ellie C said...

Welcome Back Tory Bear! This is more like it!

Anonymous said...

What are you implying anon 18.04? Better tell Andrew Young if you have some gossip about the bear. He's getting desperate it seems.

Anonymous said...

Do you even believe in Student Unionism???

Or would you just like Student Unions to operate commercial services?

Anonymous said...

In another few years some of them will be in the higher echelons of the Labour Party or at least on their way there, that's the scary thing.

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