Sunday, 26 April 2009

Hannan's speech:

Shakespeare, Europe and Labour lies:

Teaching the people of Britain a new vocabulary, one speech at at time.


Obnoxio The Clown

I can see why Labour hates him so: intelligent, articulate, witty, cogent, pragmatic, charming ... in one man all the qualities missing from the entire Labour Party.

DR said...


A very powerful point at 10 minutes 40 seconds-ish.

A transcript of this speech should be published and distributed widely.

Anonymous said...

Is he a PPC?

Nick Black

This was a truly excellent speech. Dan Hannon is an incredible asset to the Conservative cause on both national and EU issues.

Nice little comment underneath the video. Might recognise it from somewhere.


Great Speech, however I'm an astronomically huge distance from believing the Tories are really going to take the question of the EU seriously.

Other than Dan Hannan, I haven't noticed any other prominent mumblings of discontent in the Tory ranks about the current status quo....

Devil's Kitchen

Another great speech from Hannan. It is, alas, fundamentally dishonest

as I have outlined in my reply



anon @ 18:37 is probably confused in hearing a man giving a UK Independence Party speech at a Conservative Party gathering.
It is not just his fine speaking skills that mark him out as 'different' in the Conservative Party.
If he were to enter the House of Commons he would not be allowed on the front benches because of his views on Europe.... so it is a bit hypocritical to 'big him up' at that event.... for as a party they are more inclined to 'shut him up'.

Analogue Junkie

The Man is a star....

Andrew Ian Dodge

in one man all the qualities missing from the entire Labour PartyAnd, alas, in most of the Conservative Party as well. Dan is the best speaker the Tory Party has bar none.

the reaper said...

'alas, in most of the Conservative Party as well. '

ain't that the truth


A future Prime Minister. The not-too distant future, I hope.

barrie singleton said...

ALL VERY WELL but the Tories, too, swim happily in the Westminster chamber pot of fetid fecality. Therein, the main drive is holding on to power (even if over a tiny rump of governence)because it yields status, wealth, and that much needed feeling of being someone, to a bunch of nobodies. Hannan is superb; but seems not to have realised the malaise is not New Labour but Westminster.

Great talk from Dan.

I loved hearing it live...the audience really did warm to him.

He is a fine orator.

Thanks for sharing Tory Bear.

Liberalator said...

What a shame that the man feels he has to hide his mediocre speechwriting under a veritable oil-slick of arrogance.

He thinks himself Disraeli, but there is more of Adenoid Hynkel to his ugly verbosity and empty cries.

He's also a dick.

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