Monday, 27 July 2009

Pop Quiz

Calling all mathematicians, statisticians and spooks. Can you crack what this "code" is? There is a bag up for grabs for whoever correctly guesses where it was being broadcast and what this picture is really of:

Answers in the comments. TB will reveal all tomorrow unless someone gets it.


Holyrood Patter

is it not that play were u watch it through a window?


Is iiiiiiit


"This photo is taken roughly from behind where the Millennium Hotel had been. The building with the flag had about half of its facade on the WTC side ripped away. That side of the building was mostly covered by a huge black mesh."

Anonymous said...

Is it Boris Johnson blacking out (from his perspective)? :D


Broadcast from America. It's a photo of a building at night.


Looks like a building. Looks like Morse code.

I don't know Morse code so can't even guess.

However, I am a Mathematician. Not that it means much.


New York City Hall?

Oliver Drew

This is going to be so wrong (seen as you're nowhere near France...) but hey what the hell...Eiffel Tower?


Looks like the opening of the Old Grey Whistle Test to me ;-)

Half The Story

Canary Wharf and some star constellation

This Observer

I'm going to take a stab at that bit in the middle being the Chrysler building, making the rest of the lights around it Manhattan.

Jonathan Cook

You are coming into land at Heathrow and have taken a photo of the Gherkin. The camera flash reflected against the glass.

I assume the call to mathemeticians, statisticians and spooks, was to see if anybody would be bothered to try and infer a message in Morse Code from all the dots and dashes of light in the photo.


I swear that the reflection of the building near the bottom is either the Chrysler building or the Empire State building.

Also, it doesn't seem tall enough to be Trump tower. Could it be the tower above the United Nations?

It reminds me of the solar system or the stars in the arrangement on lights.

All of this is just speculation though.


close up of Mandy's collar (i.e. dandruff?)

Taken from a plane near the white house

Nicholas Rogers

It's the US Capitol building taken from an aeroplane. I'm guessing that the bright light is RFK Stadium.

AJJM said...

Is it the audience of a conference in the dark? Flashes may be cameras?

peterI said...

is it the national mall, with the light coming from the washington monument?

Owen Meredith

Shape wish, it could be blackppol tower? ot maybe the eiffel tower?

Jess The Dog

Typing blind in case someone else got it...

It's In The Night Garden, the night sky viewed from slumbering mariner Igglepiggle's boat. The big star is the pavilion thing they dance around.

Dave L said...

It's the United Nations building in New York

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