Monday, 31 August 2009

Adam Boulton Calls "Shotgun!" on TV Debate

Sky News political editor Adam Boulton has

added to the calls
for there to be televised debates between the party leaders at the next election, simultaneously placing him in line to be the man to host and chair such an event. It is highly likely that these debates will take place finally and fair play to Boulton for positioning himself early.

Beats Andrew Marr any day...

Given that it's a Bank Holiday it will probably be raining today, so TB had a youtube trawl for some classic US debate moments to keep you all entertained. Enjoy:

Who's got some good put downs for Dave to use?



Surely David Dimbleby should chair it, especially as it will be broadcast on the BBC?

The Nameless Libertarian

Excellent video choices. Personally, if I was Cameron, I'd be working on quips on just about everything in Brown's terrible tenure as Prime Minister. But something about just how well Brown's "saving of the world" is going.

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