Friday, 21 August 2009

The grumbling is starting again...

This Observer isn't very happy
with Conservative Future and has some interesting words of encouragement that could be paraphrased with "kick" "up" and "backside":

"Since I joined the party in February, I have had precisely nil contact from Conservative Future. Indeed, had I not been an avid reader of political blogs I would not even have known that the organisation exists.

If the party genuinely wants to engage young people with politics. If it goes to all the bother (and presumably expense) of setting up a youth organisation to achieve just that, then it really should be making sure that everyone can get involved.

Doing that wouldn't be hard. All it means is regular e-mail updates to eligible CF members. It wouldn't cost much and the extra numbers of campaigning young people that might end up on the streets as a result could be huge."

Looking forward to hearing who the new co-options onto the National Exec for the election campaign are. They need to hit the ground running and instill some much needed energy into a exec that has been going close to 18 months now.

Nominations have closed and the selection process is apparently underway. TB has been assured it is completely independent of CCHQ, which fingers crossed means we might get some sound people.

You'll know when he knows.


Peter said...

Who is doing the choosing?

Anonymous said...

Well if it's anything like past occasions it will be Michael Rock choosing his mates, then twisting the arms of a majority of the rest of the nme and then announcing it before a meeting has even taking place.


DominicJ said...

Yeah, I did ask about CF, but was told I was free to set it up

John Moorcraft

I find the state of CF at the present moment in time thoroughly depressing.

Doubtless there are many people in the Conservative Party who believe it should be focused on far more important things then Conservative Future. Most of those individuals are win at all cost social inadequates who have come to personify the selfish careerism engrained in politics that the public at large totally despise.

The simple fact of the matter is that CF has been tragically reduced to being a second rate campaigning organisation. There is no politics or philosophy anymore. As a consequence, it really is no surprise that little things such as democracy have been suspended in the organisation; all in the name of the endless pursuit of power. For those wanting a good chuckle, a copy of the CF Constitution is available on request, although that bloody thing has never been worth the paper it is no longer printed on!

The Conservative Party, like all mainstream parties these days, does not understand youth politics, or the potential organisations like CF have. Winston Churchill and Lord Woolton would spin in their graves if they knew what a shambles the young conservative movement they cherished and nurtured so much has become. I hope somebody somewhere wakes up and realises just what CF should be and could be

DominicJ said...

John Moorcroft
See, and there was me thinking that I should start up a CF and call it Redwoods Army

DominicJ said...

"No referring to the identity of TB."

TB is The Stig

Siberian Tory said...

"Most of those individuals are win at all cost social inadequates who have come to personify the selfish careerism engrained in politics"

Yup that pretty much sums it up for me. Arrogance and selfishness abound in CF and that's why I never bothered to get involved so many of them are foul individuals. Instead I campaigned with the local association. I don't think CF will ever turn around and now only serves as an early warning system for potential tossers.

Paul Seery

"I don't think CF will ever turn around"

Oh yes it will turn around!

There is a small group within CF that care deeply about the orgsanisation, myself included.

Most people may disregard CF but it is an organisation that has produce some outstanding talent in terms of activists, councilliors and parliamentary candidates.

I believe in this organisation and will not see or have it made irrelevant. I do agree though SB that the political careerists, arseholes within CF need to be kept away from positions of authority.

They bring the organisation down!

Irving Davison said...

Paul Seery, do you "care deeply about the organisation" as much as you cared deeply about Liberal Youth during your years in the Liberal Democrats?

CF could do better than the current bunch.

Old, wisened hack said...

Dear boys, you're grumbling over nothing. At least CF isn't making national headlines.

I can well remember the glory years of the 1980s for their illustrious forbears, who used to sing, to the tune of 'She'll be coming round the mountains':

"Singing Thatcher Reagan Botha Pinochet!
Singing Thatcher Reagan Botha Pinochet! (Pinochet!)
Singing Thatcher Reagan Botha,
Trotsky was a floater,
Thatcher Reagan Botha Pinochet!"

This recent stuff's chicken feed.

g3543 said...

I agree with This Observer. Since leaving University last Summer I have been so disappointed with CF. At Uni the CF branch seemed active, a good place to meet like minded people and help the party, in short it was focuses. However,since coming home (to London) of all places there seem to be a derth of properly focused events. The only events that seem to be held are campaign days, and frankly I can and do these locally anyway. It begs the question what is the point of CF, sort of a campaign vessel. i find going along to other conservative things, such as the Bow Group, a far better use of my time and interest, helping me learn more about conservative things. The current CF exexcutive (nearly all of whom have now been "appointed") are a disgrace in letting CF become a mere tool of the party

Paul Seery

"Paul Seery, do you "care deeply about the organisation" as much as you cared deeply about Liberal Youth during your years in the Liberal Democrats?" - Irving Davison

Yes. I care a lot about CF.

Paddy McGinty said...

In shock news, guys who everybody said would be shit at this job are shit at this job.

CityBoy said...

I notice Rock followers have given up trying to rebut the idea that the result of the election of March 2008 wasn't a massive mistake.

And I don't mean that Darryl failed to win.

Owen Meredith

g3543... London CF has some great social as well as political events, and a very enthusiastic team behind it, so i'm surprised by your specific comments.

There is a problem in CF and that is one of communication. It is almost impossible to keep track of 18,000 members (especially when they are moving jobs, leaving Uni, changing email addresses, etc). So those members, to a certain extent, need to keep themselves tied in to the organisation and take some responsibility themselves.

Make sure you are on mailing lists/facebook groups/etc, or you won't get to hear about the stuff that is going on. It's a hard truth, but to be included and involved, you have to take the first steps..

London CF website has more info:

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