Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Keep the Change

TB just recieved this email from the ever sharp-eyed SilverFox:

Have you seen
this rot
on the Labour Party website? They're encouraging members of the public to send in photos/tweets etc of "change we see" - in other words, new schools, hospitals, roads etc. Presumably next we'll be championing a Party member who has mined the most coal?

It's horrifying. My suggestion is that we send in photos/tweets of sink estates, gangs of NEETS, dirty hospitals, etc etc.

Get the camera phones out kids.


Toby said...

It's even a dodgy webpage - I get a warning that "An applet from "" is requesting unrestricted access to your computer".

I didn't click Allow...

Tory Outcast

Not a bad plan. What about setting up an alternative "damage we see"?

After all Labour dictionary does seem to define "change" as good in all circumstances no matter what experts, common sense or results tell us.

Any photo that dares to show change for the worse will surely be redacted.

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