Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Letter from America

TB has having a wonderful time at the Young America's Foundation national conference here in DC. The organisation, turnout, speakers, women and soundness is really a reality check to just how far the British grassroots conservative movement has to go. People have travelled from all over the US to be here, from every state and every right wing political view point. Have managed to find a decent wifi connection in a bar now so TB will grab his laptop later and blog properly. In the meantime the blackberry is going away because it's time to hear Newt Gringrich speak...

Missing y'all.



Very happy to hear you are enjoying your time amongst us here in the Colonies.

Will be most interested to read your thoughts on both the speakers and the conferees you encounter.

Your observation is correct: There is not one monolithic 'conservative' point of view in the US--never has been, in reality.

Enjoy your time, and happy writing.


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