Tuesday, 4 August 2009


TB has just quickly flicked through his emails while he has the chance. Apologies for the lack of replies, he will get back to y'all real soon. (Just kidding there is not a chance in hell TB would lose his English accent over here. It's golden.) Anyway, this one in particular hit a nerve:

"... have you seen Harman's recent obsessively sexist outbursts? "Men caused the credit crunch" "There must always be a woman at the top of government" "Men are evil" etc. All the papers are reporting on how this is "barking mad" but nobody is pointing out that politically it is actually quite shrewd. There are plenty of Labourites whose reason for getting out of bed in the morning is the absurd concept of "equality" or "positive discrimination." She's positioning herself, no doubt about it"

Ugh. TB might have to stay here if that is really the case.

Much to rant about when there is a spare moment.


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