Saturday, 5 September 2009

All the hallmarks of an establishment scandal?

"One can appreciate how a similar situation developed from 1935 onwards in relation to the King's relationship with Mrs Simpson. But it is hard to understand why the press - especially the right-wing press - haven't had a harder go at nailing this story in 2009. The tabloids are too busy shouting threats into celeb letter-boxes, and the more liberally inclined papers may well share the New Labour view that loyalty is their duty at this stage of the game; but that seems unlikely - and what of Dacre at The Mail, or the Telegraph, still fresh from its huge success in blowing the lid off the expenses scandal?"

has been doing the rounds for the last 24 hours and TB couldn't decide whether to run it. Something about is highly suspicious, but other aspects ring true. A vicious smear or a desperate attempt to reveal the truth?

What do you reckon?


Scary Mary

Nah, I think this is a bit nasty. No sourcing by these guys, no evidence, nothing other than conjecture.
I think its bit low even posting it. Imagine the reverse on a credible right wing blog.
Its almost like the kind of unatributable rubbish that Draper and co were looking at

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure about this either...

The nagging issue at the back of my mind is that Heffer thought Brown displayed traits associated with Aspergers ages ago and that despite all the grooming and PR men he still vanishes, bites his nails and repeats the same things over and over again - he is the worst presented person in public life despite all the help.

I think on balance it is far too serious not to be investigated fully.

I have been hoping with all my being for a right wing replacement to the current shower and when Cameron seemed a bit too Blair I have held on to the belief that just getting the Conservatives elected would stop the drive to the left and I pray that Cameronism will be a trojan horse for the real deal.... If it transpires that they have colluded with this to ensure an easy opposition - I'm off abroad.

Mike Rouse

Nah. It's rubbish.

Miles O'Toole said...

Easy enough to find out: get him a cheese sandwich and a glass of chianti.

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