Saturday, 5 September 2009

Previous applicants need not apply.

They've been searching since June and it seems

Liberal Youth
are still incapable of finding a staff member. The job has been
Though hardly surprising... for starters a 12 month contract has suddenly become a 9 month one. Rumour has it that since the last staff member left, the LY office was commandeered by other departments in Cowley St, desperate for space. It would explain why the switchboard gives out
Elaine Bagshaw
's mobile instead of the internal connection when you phone and ask for Liberal Youth. Anyway TB is happy to help give the job a plug.

Working closely with that bunch would be enough to put any decent candidates off.


Anonymous said...

That might be because 3 months of the 12 month term will have already happened by the time anyone applying now starts. But still... LOL

Holyrood Patter

that is silly money
i might be forced to apply, i can already play guitar so kumbaya shouldnt be a problem!

Anonymous said...


I wonder if Elaine's latest act of censorship has got anything to do with her wanting to airbrush out the criticism of her that was plastered all over the old Liberal Youth forums?

Do bears shit in the woods?

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