Sunday, 11 October 2009

Get Balls out for a Tenner

Competition was tough in the best business card of conference category. They ranged from horrendously naff - FYI black with just a name in gold, screams douche Mr A. Lobbyist. To overly keen - Barry Goldwater is a legend but his quote on the back of a business card - really? To just plain aggressive - putting your twitter name on your business card does not make you cutting edge and trendy it makes you look like a weapon.

In the end the simplest idea made the bear laugh. Nothing flashy, just a chuckle. The Get Balls out for a Tenner campaign being run by Tony Homewood, Association Chairman of Morley and Outwood tories is genius. He is trying to get
Anthony Calvert
in and the idea is very simple - on the business card it has all the bank details to transfer them a tenner to defeat Balls. TB understands that people were skipping this stage and just throwing tenners at the campaign throughout conference.

There are few people hated more than Ed Balls it seems!

Get not give send them a tenner?
A/C: 11322665
S/C: 30 90 57
Morley and Outwood Conservative Association


Scary Mary
said... could happen with this..

Grumpy Old Man said...

TB. I cant read the detail to send my tenner. One from me and one from each of three dogs. Can you blog it separately?
Ta everso.

The nefarious Bob said...

I met Anthony at conference and donated my tenner. It's a very worthy cause, it's just unfortunate that you can't do anything that witty with the surname Woodward...

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