Sunday, 18 October 2009

Non Story of the Day

There is something fishy about

The Observer's claims
that Michael Kaminski's Wikipedia page was altered. They, ever slavish to their government masters, have come out guns blazing accusing the tories of a "systematic cover up". What utter tosh. This is hardly Watergate is it.

The story provides no evidence of it being a tory computer at all, and when the only person you can find to comment from Labour is the
disgraced mouse clicker
Chris Bryant, then you must realise your attack probably doesn't have legs. For Bryant, of underpants fame, to be questioning peoples use of the internet will no doubt have Observer readers choking into their herbal teas this morning.

So a staff member changed a Wikipedia page from a computer somewhere in Parliament, and the story appears oh so subtly in Observer of all places.


Pull the other one.


James Harrison said...

He's fit!

Chris Paul

Lickle question. Why would anyone on the parliamentary estate who is not involved in the same scratch heads Euro grouping as Kaminski wish to make such changes? And, incidentally matey, are you going for the Jan Moir memorial vile arsehead award?

Tory Bear

ha well as the current holder of that office you are clearly the best suited to nominated a successor.

Chris Paul

Don't be racist, homophobic or libellous. Ok?

Tory Bear

can you point me to where I have been any of those things?

Bryant would have been mocked in exactly the same way had he been trying to pick up women.

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