Monday, 30 November 2009

Pressure Mounts on Goldie

The reaction to TB's post last week about the need for a new leader for the Scottish Conservative Party had mixed reactions. He was particularly amused by the amount of Labour people claiming she is the Tories best asset north of the border. If they are the ones that like her, things are clearly not going in the right direction. There was a combination of texts ranging from "I can't believe you said that!" to "thank god someone said that!" to "I can't believe you said that, people are going to think it came from me!"

TB already knew he wasn't alone in his thinking and yesterday's Sunday Herald had more:

Tory industry supporters, in common with other senior party figures, do not believe she is the leader the Conservatives need. One senior party insider said: “She fits none of the requirements of the modern Conservative party.” While the UK Conservatives continue to record substantial leads over Labour in UK opinion polls, the Scottish Tories are struggling to make an impact. At the last Holyrood poll, Goldie won 16.6% of the first-past-the-post vote, and 13.9% of the regional vote.

However, Cameron is believed to support Goldie as he cannot see an obvious alternative. One well-placed Tory source said Goldie’s inability to persuade Cameron to back more financial powers for Holyrood was an example of her ineffectiveness. MSPs were said to be taken aback at Goldie’s anger at the piece, with one insider saying that the Scottish Tory leader had been “furious”. A small number of culprits have been identified as the potential source of the leak.
TB gets the impression a ball is beginning to roll.



I'm an SNP supporter, but I think that Goldie does an excellent job as a leader of an opposition party. She has seen the opportunities that a minority government presents, and she has used them.

Her questions to the FM are usually sensible and as a result she is treated with respect and given straight answers.

The other two party leaders are like pantomime characters, so pathetic that they deserve the tongue lashings and ridicule that they receive.

I can't imagine who on earth would replace Goldie. If Cameron wants a smart young toff, in his "call me Dave" image, I think he would be barking up the wrong tree in Scotland.

Of course it's hard work to win back support in Scotland. Thatcher's years caused so much hatred for the party and many of the people who lived through them are still alive and voting.

I think she's the best woman for the job, and the only one capable of standing up to teh First Minister.

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