Monday, 23 November 2009

UPDATED (again): They Don't Half Pick 'Em

The problem whe

n you become a poster girl for a political party is realising that instead of being a random groupie on twitter, when you get the endorsement of party elders, party slaves and party cheerleaders, when you are photographed with the PM, you deserve a little more scrutiny. LabourList proudly state young Ellie Gellard is their most
influential communicator online.

It takes a pretty sick individuals to look at the footage of a frail old lady enjoying a reward for years of loyal and great service to her nation and
wish a violent accident
involving stairs and skateboards upon them. You may disagree with someone politically but to wish them a violent death? Baroness Thatcher has been hospitalised in the past from falling down and to suggest the image of her falling down the stairs over a skateboard is in anyway funny or just reward to anyone is as deeply disturbing as it is shameful. Apparently this is funny though to Labour's poster girl Ellie and
Barnsley councillor Tim Cheetham.
So will Alastair Campbell, Kerry McCarthy, John Prescott, Labour HQ and even Polly Toynbee, who were so quick to praise this deluded young lady for her campaigning about the Labour PPB please have at worst a quite word with her, or at best do the right thing and publicly condemn her? Or is this an acceptable message from representatives of the Labour Party?

TB got in touch with senior Conservative source, and friend of Mrs Thatcher and showed them this filth, their response said it all:
"Healthy political debate is one thing, but it is quite another to spread vile jokes like this around the internet. This young lady should be ashamed of herself. It's clear that gutter politics aren't just confined to the top of the Labour Party."
A joke here and there and a bit of banter is one thing but a line has very much been crossed here.

UPDATE: 22.30: A point or two: both of these people officially speak for the Labour Party. One is a councillor, the other brought in to email the entire Labour Party membership list and has been thrust into the limelight as an officially endorsed poster girl for the appalling attempt at a Labour fight back. "Game on" eh?
The official line to take tonight seems to be smear TB as a sexist, all very well coordinated kids. However TB would have gone after anyone sick enough to make those remarks. He doesn't care what any old kid says on Twitter, but when someone is a representative of the party of government they should think twice before they open their mouths. The reason Ellie was targeted was due to the fact she is such a prominent activist supported and endorsed by Labour HQ, rather than one of a last handful of irrelevant Labour councillors. Though with the "vermin" nonsense they hardly have a good rep these days do they?
So stop the spin and the shouts of bullying etc and bite the bullet. If you can't take a taste of your own medicine then that says more about you than it does about the bear. TB is just interested in whether these thoughts are commonly accepted and supported views in the Labour Party? So far no one condemned Ellie from the red camp. Telling.

UPDATE 12.01: Could those various press officers who claim on the phone to still be looking into this please hurry up. TB is starving and wants to go to lunch soon...


Anonymous said...


Man in a Shed

The left just don't have a functioning sense of shame any more.

They are lost in their delusions, and are sadly as ignorant of the genuine hurt and destruction they bring to peoples lives as they are of how to behave.

Tina said...

OMG! This girl is sick!

I was going to vote Labour but now I can't.

If this is the type of individual they hold in high esteem then they don't deserve to be in government.

I'm so disgusted.

James Burdett

I sometimes wonder how lefties who make these sorts of comments about Lady Thatcher would feel if people made similar comments about their gran?

Anonymous said...

She should be expelled from the Party for this. There is healthy competition in politics, and then there is the downright off pitch. This is out of order and shouldn't go without punishment.

Anonymous said...

The more I see and hear of this young lady, the more she reminds me of every angry, bullied at school, cliched, clueless left wing student I've ever met; sort of Rik from the Young Ones minus the humour.

Anonymous said...

Seriously. Get a sense of perspective or, heaven forbid, humour. This sort of pomposity and fake, manufactured outrage is turning people off politics.
When will you lot stop taking Twitter so seriously.
Anyone remember when Kenny Everett appeared at the young conservative conference and joked about kicking Michael Foot's crutches away?
Get serious on policies and stop hacking at personalties.


You mean she's real? I thought she was created by Armando Iannuci.

Anonymous said...

Really TB? Calm down, that's the tamest thing I think I've ever heard . Last time I checked the chuckle brothers weren't social pariahs for their 'edgy' humour. I think the woman's an idiot and her political opinion's retarded but if you and the other thatcher fanboys are actually outraged at this then you are very sheltered individuals, sheltered even from your own posts somehow.

Anonymous said...

I doubt Toynbee will be worried. Don't forget the following piece of sub baader-meinhof thought : “A bomb under the West car park at Twickenham would set back fascism in England for a generation.”


The line has been crossed.
She should go.


Not an ideal comment to make in public, for sure, but let her apologise and move on. We're not all paragons of virtue all the time, but it doesn't make us bad people.


A lot of people could do better then to bare in mind just what side of the political spectrum that bastion of human decency and blogging standards Guido comes from :)

And please don't tar the whole left with the same brush. We're not all Labour supporters and some of us are quite civil.


Is that you Ellie as Miss Amonymous 19:09?

Ros said...

From the people who brought you jokes about Gordon going blind comes ....Manufactured outrage over a tasteless but non malicious joke.

Really TB this isn't you're style- you know this is bollocks.


Someone seems to think the internet is SERIOUS BUSINESS.

Humphry Bogus said...

Oh the huge manatee! You want to some real filth about what half the country would like to see happen to Thatcher give me five minutes with a piece of paper and some crayons.


The reality (irony [do socialists do irony?]) is that most Labour MPs will have been hoping that it was Gordon who tripped over the skateboard.

I am angry because this is twice now that Gordon has tried out his 'Jonah' like hex out on Mrs T. I hope she had her fingers crossed when she shook his hand.

Tim said...

Oh please, get off your high horse.

It's not like she even made the joke, it's the internet for pete's sake.

It's not like she's not representing what some of the country want anyway.

Please, get a sense of perspective, it's embarrassing.


Maybe she intended for the skateboard victim to be Gordon.


C'mon TB et al. This is political correctness gone mad. Perhaps the comedy would have been more obvious to you if BE had suggested a giant anvil fall on the old bat's head..?
Please accept from me the nice and calmly presented assertion that a number of people (greater than, say, one) can pretty much get thru their day without any glimpse of her gracious countenance to sustain them...

Bill Quango MP

I'm not normally a fan of Ellie Gellard but...

Anonymous said...

Seriously. Get a sense of perspective or, heaven forbid, humour. This sort of pomposity and fake, manufactured outrage is turning people off politics.
When will you lot stop taking Twitter so seriously.
Anyone remember when Kenny Everett appeared at the young conservative conference and joked about kicking Michael Foot's crutches away?
Get serious on policies and stop hacking at personalties."

Notice how this supporter of the vile ellie what's-'er-name posts under the "anonymous" handle?


In an ideal world I wouldn't be into going after people for what they have said on Twitter.

However, Labourists have form in publically going after people from the centre-right for saying anything they consider inappropriate, and they say if you play with fire..

D. Quail (expat)

This sick tweet must be banned now!

Anonymous said...

Its disgusting how you people cant take a joke. This kind of immature bickering is why I lost interest in politics in the first place.


No condemnation from here. Haven't got a problem with it.

Anonymous said...

The issue is not particularly the 'tasteless' comment which is relatively tame (especially compared to the ill-informed, dangerous and offensive twaddle she usually spouts,) but her utter hypocrisy since she routinely starts her 'You nasty nasty Tory' act over similar things - like when people were joking about Brown's health.

Of course, she blocks them soon after, in case they dare respond with a rational argument!

If her real character comes out, then Labour are in big trouble.

Anonymous said...

Pink Dave & Co

When will the teddy bears have their picnic

Auf Wiedersehen

Ex life long Tory smoker

Sunder Katwala

To take the joke as malicious is a matter of taste, but it is cartoonish and few people would take it as seriously wishing Thatcher harm, which is TB's reading.

My feeling is that TB's joke-policing hyper-partisanship on this occasion has cost him his libertarian credentials, and does mean that he will never be able to attack anybody for Political Correctness Gone Mad.

I particularly think that the idea of a student tweeter being an "official spokesman" is daft, the idea being that as an activist who has sent an email? That might as well apply to anybody who has ever spoken on a party conference stage. This sort of policing of everybody and everything that gives us stupidly hyper-regimented politics.

It may be true that all sides do this type of silly partisan hyperbole. I remember commenting that the attack on the Cambridge Tory students over their champagne guide was silly and unfair, for example.

John said...

I predict that far worse will be said at the CF Christmas social...

Anonymous said...

A joke. Nothing shameful or wrong in it. Think a bit more widely and don't take it to heart as though it is really meant to happen, because you are showing yourself to be some kind of snivelling child when someone has upset their mummy.


Take a step back and have a look at yourselves.


Anonymous said...

She's a nothing in the labour party, but it's still out of order. If this was a tory saying something about a Labour pm I'd expect them to be expelled, and I hope the same happens to that brute ellie.


I think it's pretty disgusting, to be honest. A week after every leftie in the country kicked off over the Sun's supposed bullying of Brown, they're happy to RT and condone those kind of sentiments. Hypocrites.

Anonymous said...

I was about to donate a million pound to the Labour Party and do 50 adverts on the run up to the election ....but after reading this I want it so people are forced to vot anything but is disgraceful, disgusting.



I have tried on many occasions via twitter to ask @BevaniteEllie to comment on various things, never once had a reply and eventually found she had blocked me, she like most of the PLP are not capable of ocnducting a discussion, you either agree with them or you are not recognised and are totally ignored, they are totaly out of their depth in their understanding of the man in the street who would like answers to various questions. And still they expect us too vote for them, fat chance.

Alexander J. Ryland

I'm known for my occasional remarks that we should steal Anne Begg's wheelchair (Labour MP for Aberdeen South)... that way we might win the seat! Sadly, a seat in which we come either 3rd or 4th behind the ghastly SNP.

Yet, I wouldn't say it in public. Well, not seriously anyway.

A joke is acceptable. I think this was exactly that. However, as a senior party representative I do think that Miss Gellard ought to choose her words more wisely. Or perhaps she should seek more private methods of communication for such jokes to be shared?

A brief apology given her status may be necessary, but fear on this occasion TB might be going a bit Daily Mail on us...

Hurf Durf

Speaking of twatter, I've noticed that the more visceral stuff comes from local councillors. Don't they have time and money to spend organising diversity festivals rather than trolling the internet?

As for Ellie the Elephant's moronic comments, it didn't surprise and as a result didn't offend me (stuff like that is de rigueur for any lefty activist) but if kicking her out puts the Bevanites and the Fabians on the backfoot in the forthcoming Labour leadership contest, then that is fine by me.

Steve Tierney

Once again the old Twitter argument. Is it public announcement? It is private conversation? More will fall foul of it.

I believe in free speech. Free speech means that you have the right to say things that make you sound like a rude, mean-spirited, evil little witch.

So I wont jump on the bandwagon and demand this and that and the other.

She clearly didn't have the advantage of a decent upbringing by decent parents who taught her how to behave politely.

Old Holborn

I thought it was quite funny

Half The Story

I think she is quite cute

john miller said...

Where is Harriet Harman?

headless said...

sexist?! How/where?


Don't people realise that tarring anyone who dares criticise a woman as "sexist" ends up completely undermining their feminist cause?


"If you can't take a taste of your own medicine..."

So what you're saying is that this is revenge. Are you merely feigning outrage, then? Just wishing to clarify.


TB, for a Tory you're alright! But you need to take a step back, far worse stuff is said about Gordon and DC every day. I don't think anyone would seriously wish Mrs Thatcher ill, and if they do, they should have no place in the Labour party, let alone in an official capacity.


Where can I place a bet on TB and Ellie being married before the election? Surely get good odds now!


@Ian - TB and Ellie being married??

think you'll get poor odds, they say that when two people hate each other, it is masking a love that will never go out!

Ellie with a blue bear? Ahh.

Chris said...

TB, forget 'em.

They're the forlorn hope of a party in its terminal decline. Labour has been bypassed by history, and no amount of campaign money siphoned off from quangos, celebrity endorsements and smears can change that. Labour will go the way of the dodo, whatever they do. And it *hurts*, hurts like a bitch, for people who have never learned a trade, never did anything or had any prospects for a career other than be picked up by the Red Party Machine and end up in sinecure 'political consultant' jobs, then become MPs in safe Labour boroughs. It hurts the likes of Ellie that they're not going to get the comfy jobs from Labour-proximate quangos they have dreamed of, and would have to dust that not-very-good degree from a not-very-good university off and, shock horror, look for a real job.

So they try.

And try again.

And the more desperately they try, the deeper they work themselves into that violent, aggressive, inhumane mindset that is at the back of every leftist's mind, carefully concealed by polite language and a pseudo-intellectual facade.

Sometimes what these people really are pops out. This is what they really are.

Mike Rouse

It does showcase the attitude rather well. Compare this against the time when stories about the rumours over Gordon Brown's eyesight emerged earlier this year. Those of us in the Tory camp showed great sympathy for Gordon Brown if it turned out the stories were true. Thankfully they were not. Nobody in leading positions in the Tory party or greater movement wrote about their wishes for him to go blind or suffer in any way.

Anonymous said...

It must be awful being TB or one of the above outraged commenters.

If you are honestly this offended by a joke of this nature, you must truly live very sad lives. It isn't gutter politics; nobody smeared Thatcher, nobody actually suggested that they wanted her to die, it isn't even any where near the line, let alone crossing it. A skateboard at the top of the stairs is a slapstick image, nothign more and you know that it isn't.

When the Tory youth of the 80s wore t-shirts saying 'hang Nelson Mandela,' that my friends was offensive. Ellie would have been amongst those calling for him to be freed.

The concept of morality is so far divorced from the Conservative movement, it is rather pathetic to see you shouting about it now in defence of old Maggie the tyrant, who had a lovely brew with Pinochet.


Perhaps for the good of mankind, the blogosphere and politics in general we should just lock TB and Bev-El in a room together and have done with it!


She RT'd it. She publicised it. Just like you did in fact. She did not actually say she approved of it did she? And did she really say she wanted Thatch to die a violent death or was that you extrapolating a bit? Oh and the hypocrisy charge cuts both ways unless you are prepared to condemn Declan Lyon's comments about Gordon Brown's effigy and demand that he be expelled from your party.

Ashtrayhead said...

I'm surprised that Gorgon has got enough time for skateboarding, with all that jogging he does.

Anonymous said...

There is an alarming trend emerging here.

First there was Mrs Bercow and now this Ellie chick.

All Labour birds are supposed to be mingers. WTF is going on? They must be closet Tories!

Dick Puddlecote


Tory Bear has been getting a bit of stick from Labourites over his condemnation of an anti-Thatcher tweet from vapid, fawning, Labour lickspittle, BevaniteEllie.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The more I see and hear of this young lady, the more she reminds me of every angry, bullied at school, cliched, clueless left wing student I've ever met; sort of Rik from the Young Ones minus the humour.

... and the charm.

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