Wednesday, 2 December 2009

UPDATE: Gordon Lied to the House

Gordon Brown claimed Spain is in the G20. He said "Spain is now in the G20" Spain is not in the G20. Here is the
G20 website
An apology is due...

PMQs verdict: It seems the bunker staff have got Gordon's dose right. He was without notes and aggressively managed to land some blows for once. However they were as pathetic and off-putting as they were rehearsed and practiced. The strategy is beginning to emerge.. Whack Dave for going to Eton. Ha if that's the best they can do...
It didn't work at Crewe - it repulsed even Labour's core vote and it certainly won't win across the country. A massively entertaining PMQs after many many dull outings. Cameron had a good point on the recession, and the bunker line was a classic, but for once Gordon managed to fight back. No war but class war eh.
Oh and thanks Zac. Dick.

has the moment in all its glory



Gollum lied to the House.

In other news, water is discovered by scientists to be wet, and the Pope shits in the woods.

I'll only be surprised when he tells the TRUTH in response to a Parliamentary question.


Dick the Prick said...

Good work. Fast fingers Mr Bear!

Anonymous said...

Spain attended the London G20 summit as one of the two largest European economies not in the group. It was the first time it had attended a summit of that kind. Clearly what Brown was referring to. Hardly a "lie."

Also, I think it's spelt "Gordon"

Anonymous said...

"The European Union, who is represented by the rotating Council presidency and the European Central Bank, is the 20th member of the G-20" Is Spain in Europe? Think so... What do you think TB?

Bristol Dave

I suspect he meant that Spain is part of the EU, which is the "20th Member"

Disgracefully tenous though.

Billy Blofeld

I think the one eyed git is going to use his normal dodgy methods to claim Spain a member of the G20 - because they attended the G20 meeting he set up.

Anonymous said...

The Prime Minister doesn't even know the members of the multilateral organisations he so often praises.

This man has been promoted about 5 steps above his pay grade.

Billy Blofeld

Brown won today. He spoke total bollox like normal - but in the usual terms this is judged, "theatre and confidence" - then Brown won.

Dave needs to slot Gordon once and for all.

obangobang said...


"...and the Pope shits in the woods."

Now that IS news.


Oh at least say GB did well TB
and his one liners were very well done.

I suspect these will be used again and again and should be.

Tory Bear

he didnt "do well"

he managed to score some cheap class shots. WOW

Hurf Durf

"yeah, well...the EU's in the G20 so that means Spain's in the G20! Yah boo sucks to you Tory!"

I mean, really now. You're better than this, Labtards.


@ TB

question time is all about cheap shots whether its from DC or GB you should know that.

Try not to sulk TB the boy did well for once live with it.

John Moss

Top of the page image says, "The G20 is made up of [finance ministers] from nineteen countries......"?

If they are supposed to be sorting out the economy, we really are fu%%%%d, aren't we!

Anonymous said...

"and his one liners were very well done. I suspect these will be used again and again and should be."

And there was me thinking that the point and beauty of one-liners (particularly ones that haven't been fed and memorised in advance) was that they were used just the once...

Miller 2.0

"all it's glory"

TB, with all that education I would have thought you would be able to manage apostrophes? Fast fingers indeed...

'Labtards' = commenter with a self-evidently high IQ. You're an example to us all.


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