Thursday, 7 January 2010

Keep Calm and Kerry On

Political Scrapbook
have proved their insider credentials by regurgitating the emails from backbenchers in reply to the plot against Gordo, that once again the Cabinet chickened out of. Wonder who was putting those out eh? However their response to
was at least witty and TB is arranging the local printers to have this blown up to A0 for the office wall:

Legendary use of Paint by Labour HQ New Media bods.


@MichaelCox said...

And here was me thinking we weren't allowed to refer to the identity of you, TB!

Tory Bear

Who is this Harry they speak of?

Anonymous said...

Is that what Tory HQ are saying after Dave's appeal for a positive campaign and a 'good clean fight'?

The King of Wrong

With this and Sunny-vs-Devil's-Kitchen, I wonder if names are another Left/Right thing...

The Left insists on referring to people by their official, state-registered name; the Right allows people the freedom to create their own identity. Maybe?


(To the tune of "Knees Up Mother Brown")

"Ferrets in a sack, ferrets in a sack, ferrets, ferrets, ferrets, ferrets, ferrets in a sack"

I just can't get this out of my head this morning for some reason.

And now neither will you now.

Stepney - spreading the joy.

Posh Tory

"Keep calm and Kerry out"


Mr. Musicology

When a tory "blogger" turns into a tory activist, you lose all respect as an "opinion".

Your "Kerryout" smear campaign is frankly embarrassing.

Especially considering the fuss your party made of "red rag".

Mr. Musicology

When blogger turns into "activist" you lose all credibility.

Your "KerryOut" online smear campaign is frankly embarrasing.

Especially regarding how much your party made of the "red rag" thing.

This is just exactly the same behaviour by tory bloggers.

People outside Bristol East should have no input over who is elected there

Tory Bear

how is it a smear campaign? it is a electoral campaign to see an MP removed. How has she been smeared? When is a smear not a smear my friend? When it is the truth.

Don't be a moron - the problem with red rag was the fact it was on the taxpayer time and computer and endorsed by a senior civil servant.

am I taxpayer funded?

Mr. Musicology

Tory Bear

On the principle that the only reason you want her out is she takes people like you on in the blogosphere. And happened to block both you and Ian Dale from posting on her page.

Politically, other than pretty minor expense claims (others have done much worse)she hasn't done anything wrong in her consituency.

In fact, along with Roger Berry, she's very popular in the area. As are Labour.

You claim that her activity on Twitter (as in arguing with tory bloggers trying to go after her on there):

" has highlighted her utter incompetence and unsuitability to serve the House of Commons"

"McCarthy has shown herself to be completely unsuitable to serve the people of Bristol East."

The words you use have no relation to her performance as an MP.

I'd suggest 2 possibilities:

1: The tory party have identified her as a key player in the Labour online campaign, and you've decided to try and nullify her for the next 6 months, by drawing her into pointless arguments. Knowing full well that a tory is never going to win in bristol east

2: She's offended you online, and it's mere personal revenge.

Neither is good for politics, or the tory party.

Why on earth should say people of London have any say in who is the MP for Bristol east for one thing!? Not even knowing how she performs as an MP.

I'd really suggest that this campaign is just an attempt to draw a prominent Labour MP, who is important to their online campaign, into a petty argument with tory bloggers

Mr. Musicology

The reason it is a smear is the principle that none of your complaints even reflect her performance as an MP for Bristol East.

You use words like "unfit to serve parliament and the people of Bristol east" on the principle that tory bloggers have gone after her on twitter, and she's simply got sick or arguing, and blocked them.

Your principle complaints (other than the fact that she uses twitter) are:

1: She had some dodgy expenses (Camerons own are worse)
2: She didn't turn up to 7 votes.

Wow. She deserves targeting. Those poor Bristol East patrons. What a tyrant.

Seriously though, well done. Has to be one of the most counterproductive campaigns ever.

Bristol Media has been flooded with "tory smear attacks against Bristol MP". The tones "poor kerry" not "bad kerry".

Only reason I even knew about it was the fact that I felt sorry for her.


@Mr Musicology

A blogger isn't allowed to be an activist? How odd.

"Why on earth should say people of London have any say in who is the MP for Bristol east for one thing!? Not even knowing how she performs as an MP. "

OK let's ban all funding of political parties at a national level. I thoroughly support that. Apart from other excellent effects the anti-democratic national unions will be reduced in influence.

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