Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Labour's Private Polling Looking Bleak

Continuing with the Labour-couldn't-run-an-online-bun-shop theme, TB was most amused to have his attention pricked by one

Lee Skevington
. If anyone ever wondered what happened to Matilda's chocolate consuming classmate Bruce Bogtrotter, it would appear that he changed his name and has become the Labour PPC for the coalface town of Yeovil. When young Lee isn't out unscrewing the bolts on horsebox wheels it seems he is polling the good rural folk of Yeovil for how they will vote at the next election:

Thankfully it doesn't look like Mr Skevington will be heading the Westminster any time soon.


Cleethorpes Rock said...

Interesting that his photo page comprises:

3 photos supporting a Postal Strike
2 of him at Westminster
5 of him hunt-sabbing

If he's busy trying to stop people and businesses getting their mail and pissing around in the countryside, is it any wonder only 13 people have voted for him?


Glass houses TB

Tory Bear

my polling is fine? what you talking about ; )

Kevin Davis

As Lee's Tory opponent I think it only right to defend him by saying that his polling results pretty much match mine!!

Anonymous said...

You are childish schoolboy twat TB.
Keep up the good work. They don't like it up 'em..

This comment has been removed by the author.

Definitely not going to talk about your pole.

Working Class Tory said...

I checked his site, it gets better - Tory vote is climbing fast !


He will be lucky to get 8% of the vote in Yeovil (I was brought up there).
Might even lose his deposit.

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