Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Really Bad Week for the Lib Dems

It was reported last night that yet another Lib Dem PPC has been forced to
stand down
after writing Liddle-esque rants online. Want to know what
David Jack
Subject: RE: disgrace
Date: Fri, 15 Jan 2010 22:24:23 +0000
Zaf, if i was you i would fuckm back off to the hills of tora borro, i have your home address, you are fucked sunshine, we shall see who has got balls now you two faced lying fucking paki,,,,, your cards fucked.... prison awaits you bum boy. Think your brave, you dont know the line you have crossed you fuck witt - keep looking over your shoulder theif!
Charming. Lib Dems spin that they are this pure, clean, whiter than whiter party of sanctimonious angels but this week the veneer is really beginning to slip. Firstly Sarah Teather's thieving, various other misdemeanours that TB will get round writing up, and now this. Incidently the PPC also wasn't the biggest fan of Nick Clegg. He told a
“What a cock, tell CLeggy, nowt he can do, i dont answer to him, i am my own master unlike CCK puppets who cannot and do not know what happens to the debt when it is brought, havent read everything about rankine and are simply brainwashed knobheads.”


Anonymous said...

Haven't these LibDem PPCs been to school? No wonder they get so few votes, they find it impossible to string a proper sentence together.


Despite the fact that the guy can't write, can't spell and obviously has the charm of a turd, what sort of brainless numpty writes such foul abuse using his campaign email address?

What sort of people are these Lib Dems? Is this really, honestly the best candidate they can come with?


"Date: Fri, 15 Jan 2010 22:24:23 +0000"

That will teach the guy to write anything just before closing on a Friday night.

A mistake I have so far only made without my real name.

Surely if recent standards are anything to go by this guy should be being arrested?

London Spin Online

To be fair I wouldn't expect anything else from the Liberal Democrats. They are indeed an extraordinary bunch.


He can't possibly have written that..the spelling is so poor, it is so crass, nobody who could write that would imagine they are fit to be an MP for a second. Hacked?

Matt said...

I would say this was a case of being hacked. Apparently he made a few enemies for unveiling a financial scam

Anonymous said...

Mr Dick has said he didn’t write the e-mail; your observation about the poor spelling and grammar, Stepney rather support his claim that someone else sent it. I’ve always believed innocent until proven guilty.

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