Wednesday, 8 September 2010

PMQs Thoughts - Clegg Getting Good

After his dreadful first outing at PMQs, Clegg has grown into the role. It wasn't as if his opponent was up to scratch though. Straw was slow and sluggish and wasted six questions on one vague accusation from drug addled, booze soaked, hack with an axe to grind.

Though clearly wanting nothing to do with the Coulson stuff, fate interceded and Clegg found himself slamming the party of "the dodgy dossier, cash for honours and Damian McBride" It was a cutting and well delivered put down. One line that was clearly being saved for Dave was the fact that Brown had called Coulson the day he resigned from the News of the World to tell him he had done the honorable thing and had told him he would go on to great things. The Labour front bench were suddenly quiet and could do nothing but shrug. Funny how quickly their opportunist fit has unravelled.

Nice to have PMQs back and as entertaining as the ding dong was, we learnt nothing. Labour wasted their one chance this week to hold No10 to account, instead deciding to waste it on political point scoring and hysterical rants. Some have said Labour have realised they are in opposition this week and they better get used to it. With a performance like that they are going to be there for a very long time.

Clegg 5 Straw 1


Red Rag

Pucker...take aim....smack.

Yep, you got that kiss right on the cheeks of Cleggs arse.

King Knut said...

Red Rag - I suspect the problem for you is that Straw got handed hs arse on a plate by Clegg.

Clegg is a mediocre Common performer who sometimes rises to the occasion - like today.

What galls you is that Straw is a disaster at PMQ's - even makes that fat turd Prescott look half competent.

Suck it up - you know deep in your heart that the Labour PLP are a rabble and putting one of the Miligeeks at the front of the stage won't make a blind bit of difference.

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