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Tuesday, 4 November 2008

CFers and YBFers in The Times

The Times
has picked up on the fact that 10 young Britons are campaigning for McCain in Ohio...

Tuesday, 2 September 2008


Why the hell is The Times spending money on GoogleAds spreading unsubstantiated, tainted and poorly sourced gossip?

Are things really that desperate for the dead tree lot?

Monday, 4 August 2008

Cheap gin and Travelodges

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picked up on a pretty significant point raised in the CF
FT article

So what did Tory Bear think?

Essentially this was a positive piece and dare it be said, an accurate portrayal of the how things are going in the CF world at the moment - there is a still a small old school possie and it's inevitable that this would get a nod. Let us not forget that this is the FT we are talking about- for the last few years it has been resolutely anti-Conservative and is the most pro-European of the Fleet Street rags. A couple of cheap shots aside, (plus the odd factual inaccuracy... A little harsh to describe the "sound" faction of the FCS as the ones with "eye-watering" extreme policy. That would have been the authoritarians surely?) it could have been a lot worse!

CF comes of pretty well - bar a few extraordinary clangers and the justified attack by Blackhurst on the usual cringefully obvious careerism that is the dark-side of CF. Unsurprisingly this is directed at one member and TB will leave you to work out who, lets just say had they had been born ten years earlier...

There is a definite element of gentle piss-taking involved- TB wishes he remembered Thatcher!

We should take pieces like this and learn from them. Next time CFers are in the presence of journos maybe keep the snuff in the jacket pocket, maybe not talk about getting naked and for fuck sake make your photos private on Facebook to avoid the likes of "Their social networking pages show pictures of an England of Pimm's, polo and county shows."

Michael was absolutely bang on with his description of the average member and comes of very well in the piece. Up until the very end (with the final paragraph reeking of editorial influence,) the piece does not go on a full out attack.

The member of the NME who threatened to resign over this is worrying too much... at the end of the day very few people read the FT weekend magazine!

Given what TB has heard of the drunken evenings spent with Rob Blackhurst from the FT this could have been a much worse piece, but TB believes it to be fair.

"...they can smell victory - and they want it very badly"

Thursday, 31 July 2008

+++CF featured heavily in press+++

This Saturday's Financial Times weekend magazine will have a front-page piece on Conservative Future. Focusing on the efforts in the run up to the Crewe by-election, Tory Bear understands that it features interviews with the Rock, Patrick Sullivan, Liza Chantelle and of course darling Arabella Anastasia...

TB is going away for a weekend so blogging will be light. He will however be ripping the piss reviewing the piece in full at some point on Sunday.

If anyone out there has anything to get off their chest and fancies doing a guest-post get in touch.

UPDATE Friday 13.39:
Liza Chantelle is pictured on the front-page.