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Friday, 23 January 2009

Free Douglas

The Standard
Iain Dale
are reporting this lunchtime that the rights' answer to Michael Moore, Douglas Murray, the author of
"Neo-Conservatism: Why We Need It
" and chief of the
Centre for Social Cohesion
has been banned from speaking at LSE. Douglas has been a big hit on Question Time and campuses around the country and can often be found entertaining young tories in the Carlton late into the night. His refreshing style and fearless attitude has got him into trouble before but for a university to attempt to gag him with the classic line about public safety is deeply concerning.

Tory Bear has lots of eyes and ears around LSE who have been reporting in the last year or so about just how eye-watering the extremism of the left is becoming on campus, but this is a step too far. He was meant to be chairing a debate on the merits of Liberalism against Islam and it seems the LSE has pandered to the hard left in stopping things kicking off in what was likely to be a lively evening...