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Wednesday, 13 August 2008

An unexpected departure...

Anyone even contemplating getting involved in Conservative Future at a national level should read this farewell piece from CF guru and sage John Moorcraft:

"The new generation of national CF activists are so careerist it’s frightening. Fortunately, the organisation retains a certain charm below the national level and it is here where some of our best activists operate. Indeed, I would say the three most talented people I have met in the organisation have never been involved beyond branch level."

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Seems John has emigrated to New Zealand. His research tome into the Conservative Party youth movement will be available very soon.

May the force be with you old bean...

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Save the Rhino...

CF's very own Obi Wan Kenobi is back and blogging at

John has spent the last four years living life in the fast lane. The man has been to the edge and back undertaking a research project into the "contemporary young conservative movement," making Pete Doherty look like a little sissy.

With the disappearance of the old Moorcraft blog and the emergence and subsequent fading out of the
Political Rhino
and now the emergence of a new Moorcraft blog, you have to admit John that it looks a little suspicious. Happy to take your word for it though...

Which begs the question where has the Rhino gone?
Come back... unless of course you are busy with something... 27,000 words must take an age to proof read ; )

Joking apart Tory Bear is looking forward to your report and good luck with it all...

You can read previews of John's study at the new Moorcroft blog in the coming weeks.