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Wednesday, 2 June 2010

PMQs Review - Primes Minister's Answers

A low key start for PMQs, but immediately it was clear that Cameron was careful to be seen to be answering questions given he attacked his predecessor so often for failing to give a straight answer. It was refreshing to see that when he didn't have an answer, instead of spouting reams of tractor stats he simply said he wasn't going to make something up on the spot and would get back to them.

Harman didn't seem as comfortable at the box as she was last week at the Queens Speech debate. Her tactics became clear immediately - she will go every week on the few things that Clegg and Cameron disagree on. A nice touch but will get old very quickly. It seems she will use these few opportunities in the limelight to push her warped sexist agenda which will of course provide a little light relief. She was sticking to a script and if she wants  to do well at these bouts she has to be able to break away from the prepared lines - something she was incapable of doing today.

The times they are a'changing. The Commons was calm and people were paying attention. Could well have been to do with the horrendous news breaking from Cumbria or are we seeing a new type of PMQs. Nearly half of the MPs are new members who would have watched the tired old scenes of the last Parliament's PMQs and know how off putting those scenes were. Will they be able to keep it up though? We shall see...

A win for Dave? Yes, but it was hardly a battle. Nice smack down on Harman's last question... more please.

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Watch her squirm!

Hague was at his best at PMQs... nailed Harman to the wall... watch her squirm for a good forty seconds while she tries to think of something to funny to say at the end:

It's like watching a car crash in slow motion.