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Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Every single day...

TB is forced to add another name to the list of people that piss him off. Today it is

John Harris
who spouts shite writes for the Guardian website about music and politics, poorly. This is John Harris:
TB can't quite put his finger on quite why there is such loathing or quite how annoying this chump is, but he has yet to get to an end of one of his pieces without wanting to chew his right paw off, or throw his laptop at the wall. He is a nauseating lefty who is so overwhelmingly self-satisfied that you can actually tell he is sitting there smiling smugly at his choice of words. Take these irritating and sickening Guardian pieces for example:

Interview with George Osborne
- sarcastic and patronising.

Rant about privatisation

"Here, anyway, is what increasingly seems to be the future: slick corporate logos flashing from prisons, hospitals, schools, detention centres, defence facilities, police stations and more, and a cut-price society pitched somewhere between Margaret Thatcher and Philip K Dick. Real-life dystopias, let us not forget, tend to arrive by stealth; whatever the political fashion, we need to start talking about all this again – and fast.

-completely deluded and out of his depth, it's dangerous to have such naive people in positions of influence.

Oh and where John shines, and TB means really shines, is
his shite arguments
against giving people the vote and decision making abilities, well that is a little harsh, against open primaries:

"The Totnes model, we hear, is grassroots democracy in action – a cover, surely, for the fact that no national politicians have any convincing plans for the revival of local government. In Westminster, strangulated parliamentary discipline will remain, meaning that even if local mavericks do make the grade, they will still be endlessly cattle-prodded through the lobbies."

They will hardly be the odd "local maverick" if they are all eventually elected this way, and are all subject to primaries every election. My lord John, can you imagine! MPs serving the interests of their constituents, the horror, the horror.

Dear reader, be warned, don't make the mistakes that TB has made in the past. If you see the name John Harris in print, or online, just don't bother reading it, go do something else with your time. You will only end up in a fit of rage that is made even worse by just how punchable this chap looks.

Though what do you expect from someone who clearly thinks Jimmy Osmond is still a fashion icon:


Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Martin the Moron.

This is Martin Smith from
Unite Against Fascism
. Martin just embarrassed himself on Newsnight. Badly. Firstly he raved on about how he did not recognise the votes of 900,000 people in this country. Secondly he got into an argument with Simon Hughes who was putting forward some very sensible arguments about mainstream political parties getting together to fight the BNP. Martin the Moron however decided to get into an argument about how it was the Lib Dems fault the BNP got a councillor elected in Tower Hamlets in 1993.

Martin represents everything wrong with UAF and why they cannot be taken seriously. Here we have some creepy little scumbag with very different, but, equally dangerous views as the BNP he so hates. The BNP scum must be stopped, but the behaviour and views of UAF cannot be condoned. As TB
said on Twitter earlier
, the scenes of fascists fight fascists, a left wing civil war so to speak, were as surreal as they were hilarious. No, in fact strike that, they would be funny at the end of some black comedy, but no, both these threats are very real.

Cameron MUST distance himself from the values and practices of UAF that he apparently once condoned. No leader of the Conservative Party can ever support a movement that does not believe in freedom of speech. UAF are an embarrassment to anyone who is genuinely opposed to the BNP on ideological grounds. Firstly the left have brought shame upon themselves by letting their bastard child the BNP get in and don't try argue that the BNP aren't left wing - As someone said elsewhere racism is a dirty form of collectivism, judging not on the individual, but on the group. Secondly UAF have brought shame on the left by openly saying they do not believe in free speech.

But then we knew that all along anyway.

UPDATE 23.12: Just spotted what Martin the Moron was wearing on Newsnight. That's not a Fred Perry jumper is it?

The logo of choice of your 70s northern skinhead?

Surely not?

Saturday, 4 April 2009

Guest Post - What a pathetic move...

This was an email from an Edinburgh student who is clearly a little pissed off about the ridiculous attempts by EUSA to ban the Daily Mail from it's outlets:

Adam Ramsay's press release explaining his stance is one of the most pitiful attempts at political argument yet to dribble from our most abhorrent champagne socialist. It demonstrates the mental capacity of a three-year old to claim that the paper is "not worth the paper it is printed on," considering that every day 2 million people cough up for it. And it constitutes downright irresponsibility to make cavalier claims (on behalf of the student body), about a newspaper which regularly pays its libel lawyers £1200 an hour to defend it's reputation.

Fair enough, The Daily Mail occasionally prints some fairly radical points of view and not everyone can agree with them. But let's remember here that Adam is taking a decision to restrict a product's distribution on campus, thereby making a direct impact on profit & loss within EUSA shops and henceforth affecting fiscal re-investment into student services. (Basically, it could affect the price of your Teviot pint) So surely it would be fair to provide some concrete evidence to back up his claims?

Oh yes, of course - he does! He glibly informs us that it's "really, really bad." Aside from the weak double adverb, I'm afraid arguing that it's just "bad" simply doesn't cut it Adam. Neither can you boldly claim that "Daily Mail headlines are misleading," without providing substantial evidential backing for this. I'm sure the legal staff at Associated Newspapers would have something to say about that accusation, should this cause a stir nationwide.

Another poorly formed argument stems from the premise that "27% of our students come from other countries." The Daily Mail, he argues, is in the newspaper business to vilify these people, so it should be banned. Whether it's editors promote this agenda or not is simply irrelevant, Ramsay's argument doesn't hold much water, and here's why. On any typical afternoon outside the library, we're all regularly accosted by members of Edinburgh University Socialist Society, pushing copies of "Socialist Worker." Aside from the irony of these guys actually selling this publication for fifty pence a pop, I'd wager that it's content includes some material which vilifies the capitalist outlook of many students. But judging from membership of their Facebook group, their society represents just 0.001% of the university population. Therefore, by Ramsay's argument, it would make sense to ban this publication as well, on the grounds that it vilifies 99.99% of Edinburgh students (who aren't fans of socialism/institutionalised thievery). Adam Ramsay, is there anything between those big ears of yours?

But I don't want Socialist Worker banned either, mainly because I believe, especially at a university, that we should retain a fondness for free speech and a passion for promoting choice. Adam Ramsay and his cronies seem to blindly ignore this. They're more interested in being the big fish in a small pond than pursuing student interests. They think that because their own political views don't align with The Daily Mail, it can be dismissed as "hateful" or "homophobic." They forget of course that this newspaper promotes views in line with Green Party policy (for instance supporting a ban on GM crops) and that it refused to print this advert on the grounds that it was racist. They also forget that Edinburgh students are all bright, intelligent young people who are consistently tutored to be aware of their sources and make up their own mind. We simply don't need babysitting when it comes to choosing what to read and what not to read.

Adam Ramsay has made a pathetic last-ditch attempt to make a name for himself after a year of ineffectual pontificating and perennial promise-breaking. This will undoubtedly spark some media controversy and perhaps a jibe on "Have I Got News For You." And maybe Adam's name might make into a few more newspapers, just before he slips into his ultimately trivial career within the Green Party. I can think of no other reasons why someone might go to such extreme lengths to restrict freedom of speech on campus, other than last-minute ego masturbation. It's an outrage, an embarrassment to the whole university, and shouldn't be allowed to continue any further.

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Leave us alone.

If you haven't already got involved with

, TB would urge you to get on it asap. It's basically a free program to download that lets you listen to pretty much any song, ever written, ever, ish. Every twenty minutes or so you get an thirty odd second audio advert with some images. This was all fine when it was bands and albums being advertised but for some reason today guess who has turned up to ruin the party.
That's right, every twenty minutes the government ram their latest shit initiative and ideas down TB's throat. Is there anywhere that we can escape their clutches, will there ever be a sanctuary from this overbearing and constantly infringing state? You can't turn on the TV or radio without thinking you are going to be done for benefit fraud or hit by a train. You can't go for a drink without being told you are going to choke in a pile of your own vomit, or get raped, and even the bloody adverts behind the urinal in TB's local have started talking to you, reminding you not to forget to wash your hands don'tyouknowthankyouverymuch. It's no wonder that the taxpayer is second only to
in terms of money spent on advertising in Britain.

Why do they have to ruin everything fun? Why can't they just leave us alone?

Monday, 16 February 2009

Better dead than red.

Never one to lose his temper lightly TB has come to the conclusion that Tom Miller is a bit of a twat. When he's not
cosying up
with the bigger boys at LabourList, (he's almost a mini-Draper without the famous wife,) he pours drivel and preaches socialist state loving hate on his "Newer Labour"

This morning the world was greeted with the
sad news
that, in a referendum as straight as a nine bob note, Hugo Chavez is set to remain in power for the foreseeable future having poured millions of pounds into a state sponsored campaign to change the constitution.

other blogs
have picked up, this isn't good news for the people of Venezuela. Yet the little twerp Miller can
barely contain his joy
, or his communist sympathies.

If you like it so much Tom, why don't you put that silly hat of yours on and go live there.

Sunday, 25 January 2009

Carlsberg don't do Parliamentry sleaze, but if they did...

Just when Gordon's weekend couldn't get any worse, the news

has broken
in the last hour of yet more personal data losses. So the Labour government is incompetent as well as corrupt. The fact that a few shady Tory MPs took a couple of dirty twenty pound notes in brown envelopes for asking the odd question in the dying days of the Major government, while inexcusable, has been eclipsed by the news that Labour Peers are accepting hundreds of thousands of pounds to physically CHANGE THE LAW in the interests of their clients.

Labour don't do sleaze in half measures. It's never some crumpled fivers slipped under the table its eye-watering sums in return for absolute pure corruption. Under Labour you can donate a million quid and be exempt from advertising laws, donate to some education policy and get a peerage and a ladyship for the Mrs... and now the news that if you want to change the law, sod lobbying the Commons - just bung a old Peer anything from 30 to 120k and bob's your uncle...

When a Tory does his job and exposes the government for lying he gets his home and office searched and is arrested... These Labour peers should have exactly the same done to them. The Green treatment should be invoked by the Met first thing tomorrow morning. These Peers should be dragged kicking and screaming from the Parliamentry Estate by their overfilled boots.

This government is corrupt to the very core. The Labour Party, from the grass roots to the very top, stinks of greed and lacks an ounce of the morality and equality that name once apparently stood for.

Shame on them.

Thursday, 8 January 2009


Matt Lewis resigned on Boxing Day as the Conservative Future Area Chairman for Staffordshire. Having clearly spent Christmas drafting his resignation letter that cited the Rock reforms as the reason for quitting, it was his behaviour over the New Year that has made TB glad to see the back of Mr Lewis:

On his Facebook page Lewis has divulged the sickening details of dressing up for a party as Madeleine McCann. What sort of sick bastards would find this funny?
To add insult to injury Lewis then went on to proudly boast about these antics to fellow CFers:

Have these people lost their minds as well as developed abysmal poor taste? If he hadn't already quit Tory Bear would be calling for resignations over this. The Conservative Party has no room for this sort of appalling behaviour and warped individuals.

TB wonders how Matt can be 100% sure there are no photos...

Saturday, 20 December 2008

What do they know that we don't?

has become an incredibly useful website, and not just for the times that TB has been in an a hurry and hasn't had time to catch up with the day's news and blogs properly. He is, however, again forced to wonder exactly who it is that makes up their panel of top 100 political insiders. The site's claim to fame is that the people-in-the-know are polled on the day's big issues and offer the inside view. There have, however, been a couple of mildly embarrassing hiccups along the way. It's that time of year again where we all end up reflecting on the last twelve months, not just personally, but in terms of the year's news. TB was going to put together some of his own heroes and zeros of the last year but it seems
have beaten him to it. However TB has been left gobsmacked at who
these awards
have been given to...

Bear in mind when you look at who has been praised that this is, supposedly, the view of the 100 most eminent Westminster experts...

We'll start with pretty much the only award that TB agrees with - Rising Star of the year - awarded to Michael Gove with James Purnell as runner up. This is a fairly obvious choice, both men have the potential to lead their respective parties in the future. Purnell is one TB's favourite Labour politicians mainly for the fact he is basically a tory. Gove is a fantastic mind, writer and parliamentary performer.

However the sanity quickly falls away...

Gaffe of the year was awarded to George Osborne for letting slip that Mandy had "dripped pure poison" to him about Brown on their chance encounter in Corfu. Of course the revenge led to Gids being dragged into the whole world of pain that had the BBC and left wing press panting for a few weeks this autumn, but was this really the biggest gaffe of the year? Yes it caused a bit of hiccup for Team Dave, but at the end of the day George survived and the fact he survived a round in the ring with the Dark Lord Mandelson can only make him stronger. Surely the biggest gaffes of the year are the ones that have left serious and lasting damage to those concerned? Take, for example, the Labour class based campaign in the Crewe by-election, that not only upset both sides of the chamber but was wholeheartedly rejected by the electorate. Or what about Alex Salmond's cock-up at Glenrothes, where he went about Obama-like declaring victory and then got thumped, damaging not only his credibility but that of his entire cause. What about Peter Hain and Wendy Alexander both lying about campaign donations? What about Nick Clegg and the thirty odd notches on his bedpost, making him the laughing stock of Westminster!?

Backbencher of the year was awarded to Frank Field. TB has a lot of time for this closet tory who has embarrassed Gordon on many occasions this year, none more so than over the 10p tax band scandal that nearly bought the Brown government down. However ask someone outside of the village who Frank Field is and you will be met with a blank stare. David Davis was awarded the runner up spot, however ask your average joe who DD is and they are more than likely to say one word - freedom. DD sacrificed the chance of potentially being the next Home Secretary in order to stand up for the civil liberties and freedoms of not just his constituents, but every citizen of this nation, and yet is pushed into second place by a member who is merely disillusioned by the fact they realised they joined the wrong party and has gobbed off about this fact.

What are these so called insiders thinking?

Next we have speech of the year. TB must confess he hadn't heard Diane Abbot's
about 42 day's before he saw it included in these awards and thankfully this passionate and astute defence of liberty is a long distance from the nonsense she normally spouts on This Week. Other contenders that immediately come to mind are Nadine Dorries on lowering the abortion limit (can't find the link,) or Dave's rousing conference
war cry
- "My god this has got to stop!!" but who did the eminent Westminster experts pick? Gordon Brown's fascinating hour and half diatribe on the intricacy's of watching paint dry, that was his conference speech. TB has fond memories of taking part in Guido's live blog of the event and this was not a master piece of oratory. The only interesting thing about that speech was the fact Sarah Brown saved her husband from having rotten turnips thrown at him by the Labour hordes baying for his blood. In comparison to some of the greatest conference speeches of the past (Cameron 05, 08,
Thatcher 75
, many of Blair's etc,) Gordon's tractor-statistic fuelled ramble was an embarrassment and if it wasn't for the global economic downturn it would have been the last Labour conference he addressed as leader.

For TB this was the
greatest speech
of the last year. OK so it was last December but it still counts.

And so to Journalist of the Year - no objections to the runner up Fraser Nelson who has offered fantastic coverage, not only for his Spectator readership, but hard hitting analysis for the News of the World. But hang on... who does the coveted crown go to? Which journalist had provided fair and balanced, as well as accurate and sensible coverage of the economic downturn? None other than the BBC'c business editor Robert Peston of course. This is where TB's laptop nearly went out the window. TB would die a happy bear if he never had to listen to Peston's irritating nasal tones ever again whining about the fact that the people are too stupid to see that Gordo is the saviour of the universe, or complaining about the German's audacity at attacking Brown, rather than addressing the cause for criticism, or his disgusting rant that real people would be affected by the collapse of Woolworths. Never has the BBC had such a blatantly partisan figure manipulating situations, and peddling titbit's fed to him by his close contacts within the government. This man is a disgrace to his profession and TB is outraged that he could even be considered for any honour, however irrelevant, for his rubbish reporting.

Only two people have profited in terms of personal stock out of this recession, one is Gordon Brown and the other is Robert Peston - both should be ashamed of themselves.

TB doesn't often lose his cool and go on rants of this length but the question must be asked who is more out of touch? Is it the people behind
? Have they got their contact lists mixed up with the top 100 window-lickers in the country? Can they really be polling so called Westminster insiders? TB is inclined to believe that yes they are polling the insiders but that opens up a far more scary prospect and adds weight to the argument that politicians and journalists in this country are seriously out of touch. It seems that outside of the Westminster village bubble politicians and their actions receive a very different reaction to that felt by the those apparently in-the-know. It's not
that has failed tonight but the insiders.

is an interesting project and TB will be intrigued to see how the next year pans out for the site. He has however tonight lost a huge amount of faith in the people that this nation puts their trust in to represent them, and the journalists we pay to keep an eye on it all.

Monday, 8 December 2008

Lily Kember should face the music.

Reading the news this morning of yet another lot of hippies embarrassing themselves under the Plane Stupid banner, this time at Stansted, TB was in too much of a hurry to really give it much thought. It's only now that he has learnt that a fellow Edinburgh University student was at the forefront of this madness has his blood started to boil.Now don't get me wrong, Edinburgh has its weaknesses but on the whole you would expect a someone who attends the university to be of a decent intellectual standing and have a good education under their belt. Why then would fellow anthropology student

Lily Kember
feel it necessary to risk being shot under anti terrorist laws and waste millions of pounds of passenger money by being such a fool as to break into an airport and risk hundreds of lives blockading a runway.
Lily, believed to be one of the strange people pictured to the right, used bolt cutters to enter Standsted Airport tarmac this morning and ground all flights for a matter of hours. The chaos that ensued is widely
reported elsewhere
Now under the university rules there is a clause that any student can be removed for bringing "the university into disrepute". This all encompassing rule is normally used on rugby teams that trash night clubs or stoner kids dealing in student halls, however there is absolutely no doubt that Lily Kember has brought Edinburgh University into disrepute with her stupidity and naivety as well as her blatant disregard for the rule of law and respect for private business... This deluded hippy said today "Being arrested is a terrifying prospect, but not nearly as terrifying as the threat of climate change." Well that's all very well and a good but why not add the terrifying prospect of showing this idiot a dose of how the real world works and kicking her out before she can say "Save the planet." If Tory Bear were to be arrested for breaking and entering private property, endangering the lives of innocent bystanders and highlighting just what morons humans can be then he would expect to be shown the door.
Something tells TB though, given his dealings with the university before, especially departments like politics and anthropology that Lily Kember won't be kicked out, won't be reprimanded in any way and will no doubt be celebrated as a hero across campus.
What should happen is Lily and her fellow deluded gaggle of idiots should be charged with those crimes for which they were held, and then be personally made accountable for their actions by repaying each and every one of those passengers who had their flights cancelled. The likes of Ryan Air should not be liable for the huge financial loss they would have suffered this morning. Lily and her friends should face up to an alien concept to them, a little something called personal responsibility - something that most human beings possess yet seems to be massively lacking in this particular breed of insane, left-wing, dangerous, spiteful and deluded fools. When her and her cronies have spent the next ten years working full time to atone for their behaviour, only then will they realise who the plane stupid ones really are.

Sunday, 28 September 2008

The Future

TB has just got out of the Area Chairman reception that turned into an utter farce.

TB is blogging angry which is never good but hey. There was shouting, swearing and slagging off.

Good buffet though.

On a serious note though the reform debate descended into everything wrong with Labour and the NUS. It was a joke. If this is the future of the party then well... fuck.

Each candidate held their own but the crowd was baying for blood.

Very Labour Students.

Monday, 15 September 2008

Possibly the most ridiculous idea ever.

Ok so say you wanted to recruit young people to a fun and entertaining organisation. Say you didn't want to put people off with having a bit of a stuffy reputation or bad press. Say you wanted to get people to come along to social events and reward them for all their hard work.

Sound familiar yet?

Well here is a tip you can have for free - don't make stupid bloody responsible drinking campaigns anything to do with us. This is not what we are about. Much more of this and we will be a laughing stock.

News has reached TBHQ from a Social Action mole that a certain young NME member is all set to promote her ideas of a nationwide "Responsible Drinking Campaign" apparently sponsored by Sminoff (ironic no?)

Wow way to go. How to embarrass ourselves by being namby pampy nanny knows best tossers!

Come to this party and Tory Bear will give you a crash course in responsible drinking.

Every time TB hears something about this blue duck saving, lad mag banning killjoy wing of the party he gets into such a rage! Now there is nothing personal here but it's no wonder national newspapers suggest that ten years ago these people would have not been in the Conservative Party. When will they get it - our entire point is that we want to give people more control over their lives, let people make decisions and remove the constant breathing of the state down our necks. We should be fighting this, we should be saying no to these campaigns. We should be going into schools and teaching them about freedom, not to rant at them about vodka and open ourselves to complete ridicule.

Anti-binge drinking campaign for sixth formers?

Oh piss off back to Labour Students.

Thursday, 28 August 2008

Livingstone to work for mudering, corrupt, racist, anti-semetic communist dictator...

Got home late to discover this on the BBC:

Former London mayor Ken Livingstone is to work as a consultant for Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

"Mr Livingstone, who has long been a supporter of Mr Chavez, will advise pro-government mayors in the capital Caracas on urban planning.

He said he was "proud and honoured" to be part of the city's transformation.

As mayor, Mr Livingstone struck a deal to swap cheap Venezuelan oil for city planning advice, but it was cancelled by his successor Boris Johnson.

After a meeting with Mr Chavez in Caracas on Wednesday, the former mayor said he was pleased that Venezuela would now get the "advice that we promised".

The BBC's James Ingham said the two men, who share left-wing political views, hugged each other like old friends."

TB is lost for printable words.