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Monday, 1 September 2008

Enjoying this election a little too much...

Despite having no vote in the USA and having a go at people last week who act like they do, TB can't help sitting back and watching this fascinating election unfold. For a political junkie like TB each twist and turn and new development is new crack.

Americans take their elections to a whole new level. This years DNC was smashed all viewing records and had more people watching Obama than the Oscars. Our conference season is going to be tiny in the face of the grand conventions- party conference struggles to get decent coverage from the rolling news channels, let alone the "prime-time."

Bare with TB if he gets more than a little excited from time to time over the next eight weeks. The combination of a fascinating primary season and the fact the race is still wide open and likely to get bloody could make this the most exciting election in a very long time... or McCain or Palin will do something fucking stupid and BO will storm it... but only time will tell!

At this rate TB is very, very tempted to fly out in November... Who's coming?

In the meantime here's a little tune for y'all.

Give it a minute to get going...