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Monday, 24 November 2008

Cigarettes and alcohol

TB sadly missed this afternoon's fun of games around the Pre Budget Report. Having now got home to SkyNews it is clear to see that this sham tactic will soon unravel. Labour today announced their long term election strategy that will culminate in Brown going to the country in spring 2010 having fobbed off and bribed voters with gimmicks and cheques here and there. He might as well just post £20 pound notes instead of election material. Labour's frenzied and desperate struggle to remain in power will wound this nation at a critical time and don't for one second believe that the Brown and co are in this for the good of the country. The leaks and briefings before today were specifically designed to knock the Tories of course and try make George Osborne slip up. He survived though and put up a good response to this farce.

But somehow despite Mandy and Alistair pulling the strings Labour have still managed to cock this up. This attempt to buy voters can not and will not work. If Labour really were in it for the people then they would know that a 2.5% decrease in VAT is not going to solve a thing. Yes it might mean that the 52 inch plasma widescreen TV that you might have had your eye on for six months will be two hundred odd quid cheaper but that will not even be an option for the people the government should be helping. The VAT drop doesn't include food - the key area where people are struggling. The most insulting part of this charade however is the fact that the VAT cut will in part be funded by a RISE in fuel tax. 
What are they smoking in the Treasury?
Not only will the fuel duty rise but so will that on alcohol and fags. Lets move away for a second shall we from the cosiness of Westminster and the ridiculous head-in-the-clouds world our government lives in and look at who these rises are going to hit the hardest. Food, fuel, fags and booze - the four things that young people and people on lower incomes will spend most, if not all of their money on. They have now been spectacularly shafted by this government. No one wins with this budget - the poor get taxed more and the rich get taxed more. The government is deluded and no wonder the BBC pundits were describing this as
socialist budget

Everyone pays, no one wins.