Friday, 4 July 2008

+++LGBTory will joining Boris at Pride+++

Interesting Facebook message from ABB. Seems LGBTory is actually doing something and will be joining Boris at the front of the London Gay Pride parade tomorrow... Even the most cynical of members must realise that this is a pretty significant moment.

Not for LGBTory but for the Party as a whole.

: TB has been in contact with Anastasia who is rather excited at the plethora of banners, balloons and tshirts CCHQ seems to have forked out for.. She said:

"I am over the moon and incredibly proud of everyone involved with LGBTory and everyone at CCHQ who helped make this happen. I can't stop smiling."

Let's hope it doesn't rain tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I must admit even as a gay man, I am more that a little pissed off that MY MONEY that I donated has been pissed away at pride.

When I want to pay for a fucking parade I will donate money directly to one. If this is what the conservative party thinks is a good use of money then I am stopping my cheques.

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