Saturday, 16 August 2008

EUSAless Wilf

TB can’t help but laugh at the fact Gordon is

the disgraced former Smith Institute director
Wilf Stevenson
into his Downing Street high command.

The words deckchairs and Titanic come to mind.

What tickled TB though was the fact Wilf is a former President of

EUSA - Edinburgh University Students Association
. A caledonian co-conspirator informs TB that this “bunch of kit-kat banning hippies... a fucking ridiculous organisation...” is attempting to work it’s way out
of some million quid in debt “overdrafts”, has been the strangle-hold of firstly commies (Brown’s followers actually wore uniforms- Brown shirts haha!) then Labour Students and now a coalition of militant socialist, green nationalists. This years President and
baronet heir
Adam “man of the people” Ramsay was only duly elected because he could afford (and cared enough,) to drag the process into thousands in legal fees to have his disqualification for sustained cheating overturned – The organisation is both almost financially and completely morally bankrupt. EUSA put out good stock in bonkers politicians – and TB has little doubt Wilf (famous for being totally useless!) will have cut his teeth at EUSA and be yet another spectacular cock-up for Brown.

In 2006 when Boris Johnson was standing for the
ancient position of Edinburgh University
, (Gordo was the first and last student to hold the office in 1974,) EUSA ignored their constitution and their charitable status (
sound familiar yet?
) to divert thousands of pounds of Association funds – money meant to be spent on improving the lives of students - to fighting their campaign against “evil” Tories, entitled “don’t wake up with a dumb-blonde.”

Then it just got nasty

Seems Wilf left quite a legacy at EUSA.


Anonymous said...

Ummm there were plenty of tories elected in between Brown's mate and the recent Labour Students reign.

If you think EUSA is bad you really need to look at some of the mental Unions ran by proper trots.

Anonymous said...

I think Mr Ramsey is extremely reassuring. I thought bourgeois socialists were all but extinct. Thank god the common man has an educated hero to lead them, and rise up against those capitalist pigs!

Anonymous said...

plenty of tories? yeah right...
there's been one in the last twenty years ive lived in edinburgh and that was in 1998.

after the wipe out in scotland of every single tory seat the eusa president was the higest office held by an elected member of the conservative party..ha

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