Sunday, 21 September 2008

Spot the Tories...

After his withering attack on LabourHome’s poll declaring that most of the party membership want Gordon Brown to leave office,

Luke Akehurst
has set up a group called "
We don’t want a Labour leadership election

Unfortunately for him it has,

like the poll
, been hijacked by Tories. Within its ranks are such well known-leftwingers as a former researcher to a Conservative MP, two Conservative Future chairmen and countless centre-right bloggers, including yours truly.

It's a sad day for any Labour Prime Minister when his only friends are members and supporters of the opposition.


Benjamin Gray


Adele said...

He must have seen this - I tried to join but its now a closed group.

You could spot the Labour conference atendees out in Manchester last night a mile away btw - the ones with no dress sense looking suicidal...


Man in a Shed

Many years ago the Labour club at Aston University couldn't get 8 students to join it and was going to go out of business, until those every charitable Conservatives decided to join up.

What they discovered next was they had the majority, and one of the characters most hated by the "trendy lefties" was installed as honorary President for life.

This killed Labour for a generation.

On Brown I used to have the

that we should do everything we could to save him for the next general election ( when he could be deep fried ). But patriotism now demands that the country comes first as he must go.

Unlike Labour we shouldn't put party before country.

Deborah Thomas said...

Just thought I'd let you know that I have reinstated an open version of the group on facebook:

If that doesn't work, Look for "We don't want as Labour Leadership Election II" in groups.

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