Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Another great idea from Obama...

Obama is really pulling out all the stops to show his economic credentials in the final week of this campaign. In these times of economic downturn and faltering markets, small businesses are really feeling the full force of these declines.

Is it really a good idea then to encourage a mass movement to pull sickies on election day? Say

two million
sheep were to blindly follow the messiahs word then the US economy would be hit by a $300 million doller loss. Great idea.

Let's put this idiot in the White House.


Elle said...

Obama's hardly an idiot. 'Grasping at straws' comes to mind when reading your coverage of him...

Anonymous said...

Well reading TB you would get the 'grasping at straws' as the little tyke is biased but Obama is far from.

Sadly this election isn't McCains to win anymore, it is Obamas to lose.

There has been a complete breakdown on both sides I am afraid and if I was American I would be rather unhappy with either choice.

I am still praying for a global catastrophe so Bush can hold onto the Presidency a little longer, this would oust McCain and maybe put someone better in place.

Still, my silly dream of an America under Ron Paul is probably way off the mark.

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