Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Do you weep?

TB couldn't help think of the comic gold of Adrian Mole when he saw that unemployment figures were at there highest level for 17 years today.

With a mere switching of a few words Mole's tragically bad poem can last another generation:

Do you weep, Mr Brown, do you weep?
Do you wake, Mr Brown, in your sleep?
Do you weep like a sad willow?
On your Marks and Spencer's pillow?
Are your tears molten steel? Do you weep?
Do you wake with 'Two million' on your brain?
Are you sorry that they'll never work again?
When you're dressing in your blue, do you see the waiting queue?
Do you weep, Mr Brown, do you weep?


Anonymous said...

From a Tory? You have some balls wee man.

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