Saturday, 18 October 2008

Nat Bashing

TB has been a busy bear over the last few days so apologies for the light-blogging. Having spent the morning canvassing a rainy, wind-driven and very nationalist estate on the outskirts of Edinburgh, Tory Bear is catching up on emails and working to get some new video content up.

A couple of things have caught TB's eye over the last few days... It seems that the strictly whipped and devout Salmond Youth, aka

Young Scots for Independence
, have finally got a grip and decided to
argue against
the SNP's ridiculous ideas to raise the drinking age. The young jihadis of the SNP youth wing are some of the scariest militants TB has ever come across.

Would you trust these people?

Just last week he was dragged into an interrogation centre for "re-education" by his nationalist peers on campus. Well that last bit didn't really happen but they are pretty damn scary. They even have
suggested music
to play to their members to really get them into that nationalist mood. Further justification that the myth of independence is a purely romantic idea rather than a practical reality. When will these people realise that just because
The Proclaimers
say something is a good idea doesn't mean it's a good idea? TB is glad to see that their weird loyalty and "the leader is good, the leader is great" mentality is beginning to fade...

All together now.. And Iiiiiiiiii would walk 5oo miiiiiles la la la la.


Anonymous said...

"SNP's ridiculous ideas to raise the drinking age".

As far as I know they are not raising the drinking age, which remains at 18. What they have proposed is raising the age (to 21) at which young people can purchase drinks from off licences, supermarkets and other outlets. 18 to 21-year-olds can still go to pubs and restaurants to drink.

If the proposed measures do result in a significant drop in alcohol-related crime, abuse and assault, the the rest of the UK will follow suit with similar legislation within a few years.

Anonymous said...

shut up. it's a stupid idea. you are stupid. go away. troll.

Anonymous said...

haha anon 16.50 is a legend.

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