Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Brown cancels Christmas

Over at
it is being reported that there will be no CF Christmas Party this year. Traditionally the scene of much debauchery and drunkenness this event will be sorely missed. Seems Guido will have to look elsewhere for this year's Christmas tottywatch too. Without a CF election anytime soon there will be no opportunity for pissed up hacks to buy votes with their cards behind the bar or for London Transport Police to wake up an anonymous CFer who was found, full of brandy, asleep outside Westminster tube like last year. In these times of economic difficulty TB can imagine how the thinking goes - drunk CFers + camera = tabloids, but it's not as if we didn't prove ourselves capable of behaving at conference. Absolutely no complacency there. None whatsoever. Move along people, nothing to see here.

Looks like TB will just have to go to Stringfellows with the YBF posse instead. Oh well.

UPDATE: 22.00 - the CF press machine never sleeps. Just heard that there will be a Christmas Party after all. Probably a Festive Season Celebration no doubt but a lash up is on the cards all the same.


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