Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Exec meeting minutes released...

You can now read the "full" minutes of Saturday's meeting of the Conservative Future national executive


Keeping with today's theme of debate around the NUS, this watered down line of what was actually discussed caught TB's eye:

"NME discuss possible NUS President candidates but rejected the idea of supporting those candidates. NME agreed to field official Conservative candidates at NUS national elections, and begin a process of application and approval of candidates immediately."

So do you think you have the NUS-Factor?


disaffiliate said...

Imperial College Union are one of the few SU's who are not afraid to speak out about the reality of NUS.

They realised what a waste of money NUS was and voted to leave. Over 70% of almost 2000 students gave NUS an almighty 2 fingers.


Anonymous said...

It's nice to see that even though he wasn't present that Patrick made a good contribution.

Also I am happy to see that the new convention delegates have been appointed I wonder if the NME would be so kind as to tell us who they are and shed some light on the process used to appoint these very important positions.

Richard Holloway

Yawn. NUS, and what exactly will be the returns from trying to do anything with the NUS? A big fat zero. We would be much better off giving branches the materials and backing to launch disaffiliation campaigns than putting 'official' candidates up for election.
Is the juice worth the squeeze? No.

Anonymous said...

A) Who laid down the "two options" to Rock, or were they his own work?

B) Where has this obsession with cretinous lefty talking shop the NUS come from all of a sudden?

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