Saturday, 22 November 2008

Saturday night in...

TB is exhausted after a hard day of leafleting some very high student tenement buildings, up and down the stairs all day. Just watching the X-Factor and having a quiet one tonight but a couple of things have caught his eye... 

Firstly over at the
Coffee House
they are reporting that JFK's daughter
could be Obama's appointment to be his ambassador to London. Ummm let's just imagine what would happen if Brown sent an ambassador to Washington who had family connections that support and fund Al-Qaeda... it wouldn't go down too well would it? So why then is it acceptable to turn a blind eye to the Kennedy family connections to the IRA and their open support for the violent campaign of murder and terrorism in the troubles?

Secondly despite Gordon's denial yesterday, the
reveal that Mandelson is actively thinking about a General Election and in fact will be the one that decides when it will be. Scary. TB will be furious if it is early in the new year...

Something tells him that finals and an election will not be a good mix...


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