Friday, 7 November 2008


As the dust settles around the Glenrothes result, beyond Gordo's bounce or the SNP reality check, a far bigger story is breaking in the political world...

It seems as if
have actually predicted an election result correctly!

Stephan Shakespeare, Tim Montgomerie and staff celebrate tonight at 18 Doughty Street

Well almost.. The poll of the 100 insider British political experts said it would be a squeak of a victory for Gordon Brown but it seems Labour have sailed home with a 6000 majority.

An improvement any how... almost there guys.


Anonymous said...

Yes, not a very good result is it? Meanwhile it appears that Dave (Cameron) is sitting on his hands instead of pointing the finger of blame for the economy at Brown at every opportunity. Doesn't he want to win the next election? Maybe the Torys need a new leader before the next GE?

Anonymous said...



Would hubris be the order of the day at Labour HQ? I hope so. They can call an early election and find out what we really think.

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