Friday, 21 November 2008

Support our troops

Now TB has had a crack at people shamelessly just nicking content from the YBF site for content for their blogs but past hatchets have been buried now and
this is worthy
of reproduction: 

All over the country, left wing Students’ Unions are making ‘political statements’ by trying to block the OTC from operating and recruiting on campus. This. Is. Wrong. 

YBF exists to directly combat this kind of left wing issue politics. The military are a proud and vital part of our country, and at a time when the are overstretched and poorly treat by the Government, they need all the support they can get back home. Students’ Unions that are trying to pass these motions should be ashamed of themselves. 

YOU can help. If your university is trying to pass such motions, or if you know of campuses where this is going on, contact YBF immediately. Email Christian ( and YBF can swing into action with its unique combination of resources, supporters and campaign experience. Don’t let them get away with it.

Can TB have a wristband please?


Richard Holloway

Just to add, as well as going to YBF, do go straight to your student paper, and your local paper as soon as you hear a whiff of this sort of left wing idiocy (I'm sure this is the kind of thing YBF can help with). Don't let them sneak these kind of things through on the sly and don't leave it till the night of the vote.

Donal Blaney

Hi Richard: the reason we encourage people to contact us is so we can coordinate the timing of the press campaign to maximum effect, perhaps tying it into a legal salvo too. We certainly want to use all weapons though, you're right on that!

Richard Holloway

Oh excellent Donal, sounds like YBF are really on the ball on this one, good to hear.

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