Thursday, 18 December 2008

Adrian misbehaving again...

Guido is

reporting tonight
that the left of centre great and good are coming together tomorrow for a meeting with Derek Draper at Labour HQ to hear the pitch, again, on how the left can catch up with the right online and have a pitched interwebby battle at the next election.

A few months ago Tory Bear and
uncovered that the former Labour hack and now
employee Adrian McMenamin was the author behind a right wing hate blog and (both subsequently removed.) TB understands that he was given a hell of a bollocking from his bosses at the CBI for his behaviour while working for a supposidly political neutral organisation. Well it didn't take long for him to slip into his old ways again. Having nearly been fired last time round Adrian is still apparently planning on attending tomorrow's meeting and taking an active role in attempting to give the Tories a good kicking.

TB wonders what his boss at the CBI will have to say about this?


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