Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Exclusive: News from the regions.

The announcement of the new Conservative Future regional coordinators has been delayed and the executive won't give anyone a squeak about who is on the exclusive list. However that doesn't seem to have stopped the whispers at the grassroots of who has been approached reaching TBHQ. Although there has been no official confirmation from any one on the NME or the Chairman, there is nothing like a sniff of a promotion to put the cat amongst the pigeons at a grass root level. People do love to gossip don't they...

So far Tory Bear has heard that the following candidates have been approached and apparently have accepted their new role as RC's:

James Morton for Devon and Cornwall. As previously reported after he was overheard talking about it.

Clare Hilley for London. Great news.

Jimmy McCloughlin for West Midlands. Will the chief whips son put a bit of stick about CF?

Paul Rogers for Wales. Is there anyone else?

There are also rumours around yet to be confirmed about Sonia Chohan being approached to take on Eastern England. Apparently former NME member (under Clarke,) Ranil Jayawardena is in line to take the South East.

Dammit that was the region TB wanted.


Peter Smallwood said...

Sonia would be a great Eastern Region RC!!!

Anonymous said...

The job of co-ordinating should be county based not, region based.
Us frontline activists would love to see real leadership not just more people hiding in london.

Mike Rouse

I don't keep up with CF, but this sounds like bureaucratic regionalisation, which I thought Conservatives were against in favour of localisation. Or am I wrong? Like I say, I don't keep up with developments.

John Moorcraft

Plenty of CF aged people in Wales TB. Regrettably, most people think the organisation is not worth the time or effort to get involved in beyond becoming a member at university.

Paul has been CF Wales Chairman for a few months now. If he manages to kick CF Wales up the arse and get things moving then he will be a miracle worker...

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