Monday, 15 December 2008

February looking more and more likely...

There is no way the Brown, no wait, Mandelson would let speculation around an early election cripple the Labour government once again unless they were serious this time...
Iain Dale
is reporting tonight that the advertising agency
has been instructed by Labour to book out advertising space and hoardings for late Jan/early Feb. Labour wouldn't let this speculation build up again and the economic turmoil will take a significant downturn in the first quarter of next year. Tory Bear has a bad feeling this isn't a false alarm... February... really? Bastard timing but then what do you expect from this lot.

Which begs the question Thursday the 5th, 12th, 19th or the 26th?
Time to dig in it seems, we will be ready and it's time to finally kick these bastards out.

Go back to your constituencies and prepare for government...


adele said...

It had better not be the 12th. Then again, Gordon's ruined everything else so why not my birthday?!

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