Wednesday, 3 December 2008

FreshAir - live blog

18.03 - in the studio and on air...

20 mix then Tory Bear

18.05 - Webcams aren't working but you can email with questions and banter... Tune in


18.18 - not allowed to swear apparently :S

- webcams back up
. Here we go...

18.26 - first track - maggies last party by vim

18.38 - slight technical difficulties but back on track now... Labour has done it again going out live.

18.48 - McCain is on.. still having some problems with the cd decks but getting there...

19.06 - ranting about Labour - appropriate tune now - N0 Government...

19.22 - anyone listening? TB is having fun.. talking about literally everything.. kind of moved away from the original topics but just layed into the SNP.

19.26 - Plugging Jamie De Rooy

19.38 - Eveeeerryboodysss frreeeeee

19.44 - that's it folks... will get the podcast up asap.


Techno Mystic

Can't get the stream to work. I will try and catch the podcast later.

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