Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Why... WHY?

Why must Gordon Brown ruin everything Tory Bear loves?

Mad Rush by Philip Glass is one of TB's favourite pieces of music and how dare Gordo use it in his latest video. Aside from him now ruining this forever, this video is a marked improvement in the drivel NO10 was putting out in the summer. Gordon is loving this recession, it plays to his strengths and dare TB say it... makes him able to look like a normal human being?
Gone is the Prime Mentalist stutter and the paedophile smile... Looks like the youtube war may just have kicked off...
Let the games begin, and please no more good tunes Mr Brown.


Anonymous said...

There was no need to use a Gordon Brown double smiling in some of the clips. If this is the best they can come up with then why not call an election now.

Anonymous said...

The Philip Glass music is only good thing about this video.


1 minute 22 seconds - that's a paedosmile!

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