Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Gordo reading too many comics?

It has come to Tory Bear's attention that Gordon might have taken a lighthearted comic book a little too seriously. Back in June it seems that

The Sun reported
that Gordo had been included in an addition of 
Captain Britain
, a comic book. 
Apparently Gordon saves the world in this particular story and TB can only presume that GB must keep a copy by his bed and has let it all go to his delusional head, culminating in last week's outburst.
Why else would anyone go around declaring they saved the world?
Thanks must got to the closet tory who emailed TB with the link.


Tom FD said...

Actually he doesn't save the world in this story. The team he has assembled ultimately defeat the alien Skrulls by making a pact with the dark magic beings of Otherworld, which has the consequence that the dark magical beings's gateway to the real world remains permanently open so the actual superheroes are kept busy fighting them off forever. Meanwhile the only Skrulls that are defeated by this are the ones in Britain, all the Skrulls invading across the world are unaffected and blissfully continue with their invasion (until entrepreneurial American scientist Reed Richards finds a completely different way to defeat them). So much for saving the world, or even leading it, it's questionable whether his actions even saved this country.

Oh, and Captain Britain died during the initial attack. Nice work, Gordon.

(FYI Apparently David Cameron was supposed to appear in the next story arc travelling to the moon to negotiate with Dracula, but the lawyers said they couldn't do this for some reason.)


alrighty then.

Tuscan Tony

I always thought he looked like a facial hair free Adolf Hitler in the strip.

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