Monday, 22 December 2008

He's making a list...

For some reason this went into Tory Bear's spam folder so he's only just seen this years festive prank from CF:

Santa Claus has this year placed Gordon Brown on the naughty list, and thus the Prime Minister will not be receiving any presents. Conservative Future has obtained a

leaked document
showing that the Prime Minister has been moved to the naughty list in reaction to the large debt he is placing on future generations.The leaked document, from Lapland's Department of Poetic Justice, shows that other prominent politicians have also been added to the naughty list:

Alistair Darling – for his part in saddling the future generation with huge debt and tax increases.

Michael Martin - for not teaching the Sergeant at Arms that the Police need a warrant before searching a premises/Parliamentary office.

Jacqui Smith - for her bullying students to get an ID card in order to obtain student loans.

Rock said "This story has a serious message at its centre; the politicians who are on the list have performed a grave disservice to young people of this country.The people on this list have eroded democracy, scored cheap political points, recklessly borrowed for electoral gain and, just for good measure, have footed the next generation with a huge bill in a vain attempt to remedy the follies of the last eleven years."

Very witty.


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