Monday, 8 December 2008

Listen to Lily...

Thanks to SkyNews you can now hear the very moment the law carried young Lily away...

You can hear the clipped accent of her
Godolphin and Latymer
education (£14,346 per annum fees,) as she is explaining her deluded attempt to save the planet.
There is only one thing worse than a hippy and that's a public school hippy wannabee.
And the icing on the cake? Well tonight Tory Bear is hearing unconfirmed reports from sources close to the greens at Edinburgh University about Miss Kember's choice of transport to get to the protest.
Surely there can't be any truth in the rumour she flew?


John Moorcraft

Going a bit OTT TB.

I agree with you for condeming this studnet. Her actions constitute nothing but stupidity and it would be ironic in the extreme if she flew down to make her protest.

However, lets have less of the working class chippy tory routine shall we. I could not care less whether she is a 15k a year student or a student from a family on the rock and roll. Lets judge by actions, not by class. That sort of talk costs political parties dear, as Labour found out in Crewe and Nantwich...

Anonymous said...

Just so you know, the above interview isn't Lily Kember. Maybe you should confirm your facts before you publish. I also find it interesting that you've trawled through facebook photos and selected two photos taken of her about 2 years ago where she's so obviously dressed up.

At least say something intellectual about her politics, don't just try and make her out to be something she's not to further your arguments against her as a person.


According to SkyNews website it is my anonymous friend.

As for the photos, well sadly TB isn't friends with Lily on Facebook. They were emailed in by a concerned citizen.

Don't forget that TB has sources everywhere...


Niccolo Machiavelli

She can't possibly have flown in that state; she sounds so stoned!

Anonymous said...

There is no truth in the rumour that lily flew to this protest. She uses the train to reach every protest she visits. In fact, lily studied in Holland last year and never flew once. She took an overnight coach from London everytime she returned for holidays including when she had to transport all her belongings from one country to another.

Benjamin Gray

I have to agree with John on this. The class warfare line is rather silly. If you want to bring her background into it, surely the argument should be that since she's got such a good education she should be putting it to use working out decent solutions to the problem, rather than chaining herself to railings in an onanistic attempt to feel good without putting any real effort in.

As Sir Alan Haselhurst pointed out, it didn't exactly achieve much.

Anonymous said...

a previously made point elsewhere.

Benjamin Gray

Not as far as I can see, and certainly not on this comment section.

Anonymous said...

Why the hell does it matter where she's from?

She went to Godolphin on a scholarship, her Dad's a lorry driver.

More to the point that's not her in that video.

Here's Lily's response to people like you:


Lorry driver eh?

That's not very environmentally friendly. Surely we should transport all goods by camel no?

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