Saturday, 20 December 2008

Rules are there for a reason...

Although he isn't Obama's biggest fan TB does see the benefits of a change in the White House and believes the Bush administration has some serious questions to answer. The American press over the last few weeks has offered a glimpse of a man seemingly
desperate to leave
and having heard the
shouts of his people
, Bush is doing everything he can to aid Obama and make the transition as
smooth as possible
. This is a far cry from the behaviour of the outgoing Clinton staff in 2000 who vandalised government property by removing all the Ws from the White House keyboards. The world is waiting with baited breath for the golden child to assume office, and TB can understand why, but he can't help feeling disappointed by the bitterness of the left. Rahter than just being happy with their victory,  true to their typical style, they want to rub Bush's nose in it. This sentiment can be seen from the highest profile commentators in the USA, down to humble Student Unions in this country.
TB has just received this
pathetic invitation
With a tear in their eye and a song in their heart
Edinburgh University Students Association
will be hosting a massive party to celebrate Bush leaving office:

After Eight years of planning and waiting patiently, the day has finally come for Teviot to light a candle of hope in the highest turret, in celebration of George W Bush leaving the Oval Office. On Tuesday 20th January 2009 Teviot will open its doors from 8pm and invite Edinburgh Students to join in the celebration with top comedians, DJs and drinks promos."
At best TB hopes this is just the entrepreneurial spirit of those in charge of EUSA shining through and hoping to generate some serious bar revenues are tapping into the sentiment felt on campus, however he knows deep down that this is wishful thinking. No once again this is the left showing just how bitter they can be. If they want to do this sort of thing in the privacy of their own home then fine, but it seems once again EUSA's casual disregard for the Charity Commission rules that they are meant to abide is shining through. No doubt there is a more detailed clause that outlaws these sort of event from taking place but allow TB to draw your attention to Section B1 of CC9 - the Charity Commission guide to Political Activity:

"In the political arena, a charity must stress its independence and ensure that any involvement it has with political parties is balanced. A charity must not give support or funding to a political party, nor to a candidate or politician."

No doubt TB will be called all sorts of names under the sun for highlighting this, but these rules are there for a damn reason, and that is to stop abuses of power such as the left wing's domination of Student Unions around the country. Why not have an inauguration party celebrating the changeover, rather than this orgie of hatred? Sure everyone who goes will be Obama lovers but it will fall within the rules. These rules need to be upheld at every level to avoid the slow disintegration of respect for their mandates that many student unions in this country suffer from.

This may seem petty but TB won't be letting this one go.


Steve P said...

You expect anything other than petty, lefty, rent-a-protest nonsense from students' unions?

Anonymous said...

Minor point, TB, but EUSA is regulated by the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator, not the Charity Commission for England and Wales. Same rules apply though.


Granted, if you can find a link TB will put up the equivalent Scottish guidance...

Donal Blaney

The point still stands: the overt political actions of the students' union are unlawful.

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