Sunday, 14 December 2008

Monday morning exclusive:

TB has often pondered the question why is it that both
Labour Students
Lib Dem Yoof
all have full time, paid sabbatical officers to run their student operations yet CF doesn't.
Despite this CF are leagues ahead of the utterly dreadful Lib Dem website which looks like an eight year old kid on acid has gone to town on wordpress. Given the fact that Labour Students have a paid staff you would have thought someone would have reminded the Chairman/person Sarah Mullholland to update the blog, it's been nearly six months now.

Well word has reached Tory Bear tonight that all this might be about the change. Although details are sketchy TB understands that the wheels are in motion to see Richard Jackson - currently on the CF exectutive for communications and part time CCHQ press officer, take over the running of CF on a day to day basis from CCHQ. The heavily reported cuts at central office last week hit the external relations team particularly hard but Michael Lunn will be quote "redistributed" rather than replaced by Jackson. TB is waiting to hear this confirmed from the man himself but his sources are claiming Jackson could be in place by February. This would of course be a move that TB would welcome. Richard has done fantastic work in overhauling the communication structures in the organisation and has single handily redesigned the new website ready to go live any day now...

One of the weaknesses of CF is the lack of support from CCHQ and fingers crossed this move will give it a much need kick start.


Anonymous said...

If this is true it would be a very welcome development.

Anonymous said...

Single-handedly TB

Anonymous said...

Liberal Youth don't have any sabatical officers

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