Friday, 12 December 2008

A warning shot...

Over the last 72 hours Tory Bear hasn't been giving this blog his full attention as he has been locked in the library preparing for exams next week. He sadly hasn't had the time to report on the many Christmas parties he has been missing out on, though

London Spin
captured the majority view of the CF party it seems. However has been somewhat taken aback by the emails he has been receiving in this time.
There seems to be a concerted effort afoot to spread some pretty nasty things about certain members of the Conservative Future executive and the chairman Michael Rock. It's always the same, an anonymous google account or untraceable hush mail, used to send a vicious bit of gossip, rumour, slander, or just ridiculous conspiracy theories. Now TB has his fair share of crackpots emailing him like all bloggers do, but the connections and developments in these emails, and the lowest level mud slinging, has led him to believe they are coming from the same camp.
Let me just remind you all of one of the key reasons that this blog came about. TB was sick of the backstabbing and faux House of Cards attitude many activists had and wanted to blow the lid on that sort of behaviour, while injecting a well needed dose of humour. This blog is not a platform for anyone to spread lies on, do you not think TB would check these stories out? TB did check these stories out and they point back to someone's very grubby fingerprints, so this is your warning shot...
Back off, pipe down, grow up or you and your petty political games  get two barrels of TB exposure and it won't be pretty.


John Moorcraft

Why offer people a warning shot. If you know who is behind this latest outburst, name and shame.

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