Saturday, 13 December 2008

Will Rahm survive?

The story of Chigago's Governor attempting to sell Obama's former Senate seat is getting

murkier and murkier
by the day and it now seems Obama's Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel has some serious questions to answer. He has spent the last week
dodging the press
to avoid the inevitable question being asked of whether he had any contact with the Illinois Governor or any of his staff about the appointment. 
In an scandal worthy of the West Wing, the Chief of Staff looks to be on very thin ice and could well be forced out before Obama has even taken office. Such a sleazy scandal is a far cry from the message of trust and change that Obama put forward in his campaign and makes you wonder what else the Chigago political mafia have done for their golden boy. Emanuel is famous for being one of the nastiest most vicious little bastards in Washington and to him crash down in such spectacular style would bring a smile to many faces.
Most notably Emanuel has refused to answer whether he has been questioned by the FBI around this matter. If he hasn't yet or wasn't expecting to be, then he would have simply answered no.
Change we can believe in.


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