Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Guess who's back...

After two weeks of rum and lobsters Tory Bear has returned from his factfinding trip to Cuba. TB had a wicked time and although he is mourning the loss of his BB Storm (don't ask,) there is lots to catch up on and normal service will resume tomorrow.

In the meantime TB is out on the town

getting his now daily fix of state sanctioned entertainment.

See you there...



Welcome back. More power to yer keyboard.


Anonymous said...

Had a good commie time?

Is it not the Orthodox Christmas Day today, they seem a bit mixed up IMO

Brummie Bob said...

Have you had a good time in a Communist state? They seem to know how to enjoy themselves despite all their problems.

Russian Orthodox New Year is January 14th in the Gregorian calendar, today is Christmas Day.

Happy Christmas,


Disgruntled bloke said...

The most exciting thing you missed was Christian "fuck democracy" May suggesting that there is no need to hold any more NME meetings for the remaining 18 months of their term, as we've "met our quota".

If only Major's government had been full of figures with such an astounding talent of grasping and maintaining power with complete disregard for their electorate, we'd never have had Tony Blair.

Three cheers for May and Zanu-CF!

Anonymous said...

Erm. Is Gordon Brown back, he's done nothing why Tory Bear was away.

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